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Synonyms for magpie

long-tailed black-and-white crow that utters a raucous chattering call

someone who collects things that have been discarded by others

Related Words

an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker

References in classic literature ?
In the first place, he half-poisoned all his neighbours, and they in turn were always on the lookout to pounce upon any of his numerous live-stock, and drive him frantic by enticing his pet old magpie out of his window into a neighbouring study, and making the disreputable old bird drunk on toast soaked in beer and sugar.
When we add that the weather-beaten signboard bore the half-obliterated semblance of a magpie intently eyeing a crooked streak of brown paint, which the neighbours had been taught from infancy to consider as the 'stump,' we have said all that need be said of the exterior of the edifice.
Not least of all, Sloppy, who undertook to conduct the visitors back by the best way to the Three Magpies, and whom the hammer-headed young man much despised.
Magpie celebrated its 20th anniversary on Saturday with staff, volunteers, customers and Aberdeenshire's depute provost Ron McKail.
The Blue Magpie program was launched in February 2017 with an NT$68.6 billion (US$2.2 billion) investment to provide the Taiwan Air Force with a fleet of supersonic trainer aircraft.
When Magpie finds a doorway into Near, it isn't long before she realizes that the world she's created is the perfect location to test how much power she holds and exact some revenge.
The author's fresh narrative brings Magpie's existence in Farther (the town her family lives in) and Near to life.
In the past (obviously not Allen), the sight of a magpie in the morning was a good thing ?
While Blue Peter had sticky-back plastic, washing-up bottles and pets like Shep and Freda the tortoise, Magpie boasted trendy presenters, and a magpie mascot called Murgatroyd.
In Sky Chasers i t is Magpie, rather than Joseph Montgolfier, who observes the hanging laundry billowing in the warm air of the fire.
The magpie chick that hatched a month ago is being kept in a box and is being fed using a puppet that imitates a parent bird.
Road kills, with all the free food they provide, are believed to be another reason for the magpie explosion.
A reader from Holyhead told me this week of a vivid yellow-and-black Magpie that she and her family saw atop the fastfood hut in the eastbound A55 lay-by at Llanddulas.