magnitude relation

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a relation between magnitudes

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We expected that we would observe reductions in accuracy and response latencies for reversal of both temporal and magnitude relations. In addition, the study aimed to determine whether there were differences in acquisition on either relational task.
Eighty-five percent of participants acquired temporal relational responding within one block of training, compared to 65% of participants training on magnitude relations. This difference was not significant ([X.sup.2] = 1.2, p pressing the spacebar (go) if they agreed with the relational statement or not responding for 4 s (no-go), if they disagreed with the relational statement.
These effects were in the reverse direction than expected, as responding at mastery criterion was expected in fewer blocks for magnitude relations compared to temporal relations.
Though an interaction effect approached significance, the source of this effect was higher accuracy on forward magnitude relations compared to temporal relations.
In each zone a magnitude range was selected that gives the best fit to a line in the linear frequency magnitude relation (Table 1).
The empirically found seismic moment magnitude relations have always been written as a linear relation between log [M.sub.0] and magnitude as follows: