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light microscope consisting of a single convex lens that is used to produce an enlarged image

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'The commission has procured magnifying glasses for Albinos as well Tactile Braille Ballots and Ramps for easy access.
Indicate the small containers of sugar and magnifying glasses for individual use, paper or worksheet (optional) and pencils.
Moldflow says this "breakthrough" will enable mold and part designers to avoid one of the major causes of defects in automotive lighting, magnifying glasses for inspecting medical x-rays, cell-phone display screens, and other lenses.
We are invited to browse this ensemble at our own leisure, to search for hints and connections between the parts, perhaps using one of the magnifying glasses or the scope provided to examine details that would otherwise remain invisible.
Using lenses and magnifying glasses, observe the fish in the round bowls, noticing how they change in size and shape from different viewing points.
* Provide several kinds of magnifying glasses for children to use.
Enormous magnifying glasses enlarged faces and limbs to funhouse proportions; the women then glided across the stage in silk hoop skirts and were suddenly hoisted onto the men's shoulders.
For this hike, you will need field guides and animal track guides, magnifying glasses and binoculars, and pencil and paper.
I hope BMW have gone over the 75 with magnifying glasses and micrometers making sure everything is absolutely right.
"It is probably a bit too much of an effort for people to read this because they need to get magnifying glasses.
THE Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) provided a total of 110 magnifying glasses to enable visually impaired persons particularly albinos discharge their electoral franchise in the by-election for the Toro, Bauchi State Federal constituency, House of Representatives held Saturday.
the subject of the public procurement is the purchase of intensive care devices: - quick-flow heating system - 2 pcs, - lung fan - 2 pcs, - videolaryngoscope - 2 pcs, - ultrasonic probe -1 pcs, - galileo magnifying glasses - 1 piece, - prismatic magnifying glasses - 1 pc, - hot air sterilizer - 10 pcs, - steam sterilizer - 5 pcs, - ecg device with pc output - 5 pcs.
When you're a kid, magnifying glasses are exciting, mysterious pieces of equipment, used by detectives to uncover clues or employed to magically capture the power of the sun to set fire to small piles of leaves.