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the magnetic field of a planet

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Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have captured a difficult-to-view singular event involving "magnetic reconnection" -- the process by which sparse particles and energy around Earth collide producing a quick but mighty explosion -- in the Earth's magnetotail, the magnetic environment that trails behind the planet.
"We found that Mars' magnetic tail, or magnetotail, is unique in the solar system.
When a particularly strong burst of particles from the Sun hits Saturn, it can cause the magnetotail to collapse, with the ensuing disturbance of the planet's magnetic field resulting in spectacular auroral displays.
Current models suggest that at present Enceladus was ejecting a steady flow of around 10 to 100kg of such material per second, but that the total mass of plasma in the ring plane was remaining roughly constant as a result of a corresponding leakage of material down Saturn's magnetotail, whence it was lost into the solar wind.
This is the time when we can expect the moon to cross low-density plasma in the tail lobes and high-temperature plasma in the plasma sheet of the magnetotail (Lichtenstein & Schubert, 1976).
Stretching millions of kilometers in the opposite direction behind the Earth is the magnetotail. The bow shock deflects most of the particles, but some get trapped in Earth's magnetic currents.
Together, the two probes will seek to reveal how the so-called magnetotail stores energy from the sun and later discharges it, in part by generating auroras.
"We found that Mars' magnetic tail, or magnetotail, is unique in the solar system," said Gina DiBraccio of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
There's also a long magnetotail extending out from the planet on the side opposite the Sun.
The local effect of the Earth s magnetotail and its temporal variations will be taken into account.
Once it reaches the outer magnetosphere, the author says, the plasma can be lost to the solar wind, either crossing through the magnetopause or being swept down the magnetotail.
During its first year of operation, the craft will explore distant segments, including the elongated, comet-shaped field known as the magnetotail. To study the magnetotail's farthest reaches, Geotail will periodically swing by the moon to get the gravitational kick it needs to maintain a highly elliptical orbit, which will take the craft about 1.6 million kilometers away from Earth.
In between the Pluto and Charon occultations, the spacecraft will spin, allowing PEPSSI and SWAP to sensitively map the ions and neutral atoms streaming down Pluto's magnetotail (if it has one).
Scientists have known for some time that Saturn's magnetospheric processes are linked together, from the activity generating the SKR emission relatively near the planet to the periodic signatures in Saturn's magnetosphere stretching millions of miles downstream in the planet's magnetotail. But they didn't know how they were linked.