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a unit of magnetic moment of a molecular or atomic or subatomic particle

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personal computer for the facility modernization of a part of the room on the 1st floor of the radiological building for the installation of the magnetic resonance tomograph magneton sola produced by siemens at the uz bobruisk interdistrict oncology center at bobruisk, sosnovy lane, 40 1 pc.
This electric current produces a magnetic moment that is equal to the Bohr magneton:
where [g.sub.s] is the electron g-factor, [[mu].sub.B] is the Bohr magneton, Hz is the auxiliary magnetic field, S is the total spin number, and other parameters are as defined above.
where 7n = 1.91 7N = 9.7 x [10.sup.-27]J[T.sup.-1] is the neutron magnetic moment, with [[mu].sub.N] [equivalent to] e[??]/2[m.sub.p] = 5.05 x [10.sup.-27] J [T.sup.-1] the nuclear magneton and 1.91 being the neutron's g-factor halved.
The prototype processing unit has 10kW of output power, supplied by on-board magneton power sources.
O aparelho de ressonancia magnetica em que foram realizados os exames do cranio foi da marca Siemens modelo Magneton Vision Plus, que opera com 1,5 tesla.
The fMRI data were acquired with a 3.0-T Magneton VISION (Siemens, Germany) whole-body MRI system equipped with a head volume coil.
where [[mu].sub.B] = e/(2[m.sub.e]) is a Bohr magneton. This bound, which is due to the GEMMA experiment [19] with a HPGe detector at Kalinin nuclear power station, is by an order of magnitude larger than the tightest constraint obtained in astrophysics [24]:
where [g.sub.j] is the Lande factor, which is 2 for the hydrogen fundamental level, [[mu].sub.B] is the Bohr magneton q[??]/2[m.sub.e], where q and [m.sub.e] are the electron charge and mass, respectively.
where h is Planck's constant, v is the microwave frequency, [beta] is the Bohr magneton (9.274 x [10.sup.-24] J x [T.sup.-1]), and [H.sub.r] is resonant magnetic field, the resonance magnetic field should decrease when g-factor increases, whereas the value of v is constant in EPR spectroscopy.
The effective magnetic moments, [[mu].sub.eff], expressed in multiples of the Bohr Magneton calculated for Cu(II) and Ni(II) complexes were in the range of 1.81-1.96 BM and 3.34-3.69 BM, respectively, due to mononuclear Cu(II) ([d.sup.9], 1 unpaired electron) and Ni(II) ([d.sup.8], 2 unpaired electrons) complexes which indicates their octahedral geometries [24], whereas the Zn(II) complex is diamagnetic in nature.
where h--Planck constant, v--microwave frequency, [[mu].sub.B]--Bohr magneton, and Br--induction of resonance magnetic field.
The parties will carry out research under the Magneton Project managed by the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economics (OCS) for an initial period of 12 months with an option for a 12 month extension, subject to OCS approval.
Imaging data were collected using two clinical 3.0 Tesla MRI scanners, both with an 8-channel head coil but from different vendors (Philips Achieva and Siemens Magneton Trio).
The study was carried out at the department of Radiology, Military Hospital Rawalpindi from January 2003 to December 2003 using a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine Magneton Symphony Version Syngo MR 2002A by Seimens.