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a meter to compare strengths of magnetic fields


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Earlier this year, CEA-Leti's ASM magnetometer was onboard Jean-Louis Etienne's balloon for the Generali Arctic Observer mission.
This solution comes in the form of an updated interface for magnetometer data collection and the release of HYPACK s new MAGEDIT program, developed with SHOM s specifications and collaboration.
The Army's interest in the magnetometer derives from its recognition of the device's potential in locating weapons such as assault rifles, from a safe distance.
The magnetometers play a unique and important role in Juno's investigation of the formation and evolution of Jupiter," says Juno's Principal Investigator, Scott Bolton of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.
and to drive the effort to commercialize its smart nanobattery and family of magnetometers.
By introducing the 2 x 2 x 1mm LIS3MDL magnetometer, ST now offers unique flexibility for designers to implement movement and position detection in space-constrained products such as smartphones and personal navigation devices.
We have also demonstrated the capability of our micro-satellites' miniature magnetometers, sun sensors, nutation dampers, magnetometer booms and launch vehicle deployment system.
Galileo's magnetometer data show that the magnetotail can respond quickly and dramatically to local shifts in the solar wind's magnetic field, which sometimes put a corkscrew twist in the tail.
These targets will be surveyed on the ground utilizing a Barringer Proton Magnetometer, Geometric Proton Magnetometer, and a Base Station Magnetometer - a Canadian Mining Geophysics Magnetometer MR 10.
Plans call for measuring the moon's magnetic field with a magnetometer on each Lunar Observer, and possibly on the subsatellites as well.
The combined strengths of our innovative Smart Nanobattery and our Ultra Sensitive Magnetometer led us to the decision to keep these two businesses together in a compartmentalized manner in the AlwaysReady subsidiary," Mr.
demonstrated at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) conferences an ultra-low-noise magnetometer system to be used for geophysical exploration.
mPhase in August 2006 had previously announced that its Board of Directors had approved the separation of its ultra-sensitive magnetometer business into a separately traded public company.
McDonald reports that hand-held magnetometer surveys at the same sites, conducted by trained explosive ordnance disposal personnel, found less than 35 percent of the targets.