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a meter to compare strengths of magnetic fields


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Cs-magnetometers belong to the class of atomic magnetometers which are based on detection of Larmor spin precession of optically pumped atoms, approaching sensitivities close to several fT * [Hz.
Dating the age of ancient crust and determining how long the magnetic field lasted on the Red Planet are but two of the feats accomplished by the magnetometer.
It is the square root of the power spectral density of magnetic field fluctuations at the magnetometer frequency.
The Xtrinsic MAG3110 is a small-profile, low-power, three-axis digital magnetometer that delivers enhanced digital electronic compass (eCompass) functionality for location-based services (LBS) such as navigation, dead-reckoning and location-tracking in smart mobile devices and other electronics.
Earlier this year, CEA-Leti's ASM magnetometer was onboard Jean-Louis Etienne's balloon for the Generali Arctic Observer mission.
The reflectometer would map electrons flashing back and forth along magnetic field lines near the surface, while the magnetometer would measure the field strength near the spacecraft.
Unlike other motion processing solutions, SpacePoint technology is unique in that it incorporates a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer for constant, absolute orientation reference.
Prior Information Notice: magnetometer geophysical instruments
Because the magnetic properties of metals depend on thermomechanical processing history and geometry as well as purity, the properties of the nickel disks used for this SRM were certified using the absolute magnetometer developed by NIST.
The Stanford magnetometer monitors ultra-low-frequency (ULF) variations, between 0.
government community, announced today that it has successfully demonstrated the prototype of a Microcompass Magnetometer (MCM) to the U.
3] He Self-Compensating Magnetometer," is to perform a high-precision test of combined charge conjugation, parity inversion, and time reversal (CPT) invariance and local Lorentz invariance by comparing the Larmor precession frequencies of potassium (K) and helium 3 ([He.
Solar Max photographed a blob on March 18; two days later ISEE-3's magnetometer detected a pronounced shock-wave posibly associated with a CME or a solar flare.
mPhase Technologies' innovative magnetometer designs exhibit a level of sensitivity unparalleled by commercial magnetometers.
Contract notice: Delivery of a squid susceptometer with vibrating sample magnetometer (vsm) technique.