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the study of the interaction of magnetic fields and electrically conducting fluids (as plasma or molten metal)

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Further, we derive the generalized quaternionic Dirac-Maxwell equations to the case of dual magnetohydrodynamics of dyonic cold plasma.
The Hall magnetohydrodynamics were studied systematically by Lighthill [2].
Since the aim of the paper is to extend the analysis in [9] to the magnetohydrodynamic flow, the attention is focused on the effect of the magnetic field.
Li et al., based on classical Lie Group method, a class of explicit solutions of two-dimensional ideal incompressible magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) equation by its infinitesimal generator is constructed.
The morphology enhancement of the nanowires under magnetic field is suspected to be due to thermoelectric magnetohydrodynamics as the flux of vaporized material interacts with the magnetic lines of force together with the presence of a temperature gradient.
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NekCEM/Nek5000: Release 4.0: Scalable High-Order Simulation Codes is an open-source simulation-software package that delivers highly accurate solutions for a wide range of scientific applications including electromagnetics, quantum optics, fluid flow, thermal convection, combustion and magnetohydrodynamics. It features state-of-the-art, scalable, high-order algorithms that are fast and efficient on platforms ranging from laptops to the worlds fastest computers.
They yield an important tool for modeling various phenomena and processes occurring in heat conducting radiation, computer graphics, realistic illumination, particle transport problems of astrophysics, elasticity, electrostatics, radiative transfer, chemical kinetics, chemical reactor theory, theory of communication systems, quantum mechanics, magnetohydrodynamics and many other areas (for more applications of integral equations, see [37]).
is a New York company that seeks to apply its patented technology in MagnetoHydroDynamics to water pipelines in the continental US.
dedicated individual topical areas of application in the field of mechanics (contact problems of elasticity theory and nonlinear problems of the theory of plates of complex shape), thermal physics, magnetohydrodynamics, physics, cybernetics (automation software tasks in solving boundary value problems) and mathematics (problems in the theory approximation and atomic functions), to develop him and his numerous students on the basis of the data created by the world-renowned creator of the mathematical theory of R-functions [24-38].
A 14-letter main entry in Webster's Third, where it is defined by the much longer (but non-isogrammatic) "magnetohydrodynamics".