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the study of the interaction of magnetic fields and electrically conducting fluids (as plasma or molten metal)

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Consider a two-dimensional steady electrical magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) nanofluid over a non- linear stretching/shrinking sheet.
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Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, there is no study where the thermal-diffusion and diffusion-thermal of magnetohydrodynamic squeezing unsteady flow of nanofluid between two parallel disks embedded in a porous medium under the influences of different nanoparticle geometries, slip and temperature jump conditions are analyzed.
Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) concerns the motion of conducting fluids, such as charged particles in an electromagnetic field, and has an extensive range of applications in mathematics and physics.
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The effect of uniform suction/blowing on heat transfer of magnetohydrodynamic hiemenz flow through porous media.
Great interest is given to analytical studies of similarity solutions because of their applications in different fields, for example, in magnetohydrodynamic (see [11-13]) or in boundary layer flows (see [8,14]).
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Laughlin compared the angular accelerations from differentiated 1000 Hz magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) angular velocity data to calculated angular accelerations from a 3-2-2-2 linear accelerometer array and found the MHD data to be equal to or superior to the linear array data [40].
Magnetohydrodynamic fully developed combined convection flow between vertical plates heated asymmetrically, Journal of Technical Physics 41(2): 173-185.
(19) Kato (20) extended Lighthill's theory to magnetohydrodynamic waves and found that Eq.
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Cardiac MRI (CMR) in small animals was known as a cumbersome procedure suffering from low SNR, high respiratory and cardiac rates, distorted ECG signals by the magnetohydrodynamic effect, and currents introduced by the rapid gradient switching making the required cardiac synchronization difficult.
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