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a small dynamo with a secondary winding that produces a high voltage enabling a spark to jump between the poles of a spark plug in a gasoline engine

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Both magnetos (Slick p/n M3050) on this engine show same defect.
Bypassing the density of states technique used in previous studies of magneto thermoelectric power, Ghatak offers a more fundamental account, because the Boltzmann transport equation, which controls the study of the charge transport properties of the semiconductor devices, can be solved if and only if the E-k dispersion relation is known, which the density of states approach cannot provide.
12 April 2016 - US-based municipal water treatment company Evoqua Water Technologies has completed the acquisition of privately held Dutch anodes manufacturer Magneto Special Anodes B.
He told IGN: "I've had a lot of fun with the cast and with Magneto.
Magneto is an award winning, highly creative and strategically focused agency that has been producing impactful and memorable “brand centric” advertising and marketing campaigns for clients for over ten years.
This meant that writer Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber) and illustrator Jack Kirby (Jacob Kurt/berg) could not create a relatable back story for Magneto, which would make him into a "tragic villain," in the words of Lawrence Baron, author of Projecting the Holocaust into the Present.
Thomas was able to climb to about 300 feet, where he tried to regain power by switching fuel tanks, adjusting the carburetor and switching electric current between the right and left magnetos, or generators, the report said.
With a few adjustments, X-Men Origins: Magneto could be an excellent piece of drama with wide appeal beyond the comicbook fan community.
Magneto (Ian McKellen, elevating yet another summer popcorn flick) predictably uses the development to agitate fellow rebel mutants, saying the vaccine is nothing short of a government-mandated genocide.
The AMP media produces metal particulates with a much finer grain size, producing a recording medium able to take full advantage of the high recording density potential of the magneto resistive head clusters used in these drives.
The E-TEC's electrical system is based around a magneto -- like a Model T -- for a simple reason: recreational vehicles are put into storage at the end of each season, then pulled out when the weather turns favorable.
The reason we care: McKellen, our favorite out British knight, gets to play bad guy Magneto.
The answer could be as simple as regularly backing up files on an inexpensive floppy disc, which can cost less than a dollar, or as pricey as using highly sophisticated magneto optical drives, which cost about $2,000.
Maxoptix is a premier manufacturer of Magneto Optical Disks (Discs) and Magneto Optical Drive storage devices.