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Synonyms for magnetize

to direct or impel to oneself by some quality or action

Synonyms for magnetize

attract strongly, as if with a magnet

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m] is the density of molecular magnetizing currents; [[?
Our in-house analysis tool outputs a frequency range, with the minimum determined by the magnetizing inductance and the maximum determined by the leakage inductance.
In this time interval, Q1, Q3, and Q4 are in conducting mode, causing the magnetizing inductor 1 to start saving energy and concurrently magnetizing inductor 2 to transfer its stored energy to the output load and inductors via D2.
During the call, Elia will reveal the three steps that take a business from the mission and money level to magnetizing and she will provide specific actions that will move it from one level to the next.
The B-H curve is included into mathematical model of transformer and it is expressed by function of magnetizing inductance versus magnetizing current.
Magnetizing the battery pack in the original equipment would require alteration to the inverter, the transmission, and the algorithm in the central computer.
Monitors also check the magnetizing current to ensure the proper holding strength is maintained and to prevent overheating.
Rather than using a theoretical magnetization distribution, the true distribution is calculated from the properties of the magnetizing fixture.
A 12-volt electromagnet stationed on the outer surface of the flow channel acts as the valving mechanism; it constricts the flow of the fluid by magnetizing the iron particulates.
That's because data are stored by magnetizing tiny regions of the recording medium.
Generally, the magnet assembly required in-process grinding to ensure correct tolerances after assembly Since MCE's radially oriented ring is a single piece, all grinding processes can be done prior to magnetizing and assembly Even if a surface treatment is required, it can also be performed prior to magnetizing.
Conference sessions are planned on the following subjects: Market assessments and growth forecast; Advances in magnetic materials and processes; Development and assessment of key markets and applications; and New developments in compounding, molding and magnetizing.
Since the ring is manufactured as a single piece, all grinding processes can be done prior to magnetizing and assembly.
The circuitry used in the magnet minimizes power consumption, says Staubli, resulting in maximum reliability and faster cycling times (which are generally less than 1 second/50 poles for both magnetizing and demagnetizing).
However, it is a susceptibility that Bertha cannot fully control, for in magnetizing Latimer she also potentially lays herself open to him, and despite managing to avoid this for several years, she only postpones the natural consequence of the exercise of her own magnetic power.