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  • verb

Synonyms for magnetize

to direct or impel to oneself by some quality or action

Synonyms for magnetize

attract strongly, as if with a magnet

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The mechanism of preventing and treading different kind of diseases by drinking magnetizer water, magnetic technology publication, dubia.
A single look will often prove sufficient," he advised, provided that the magnetizer, "by a steady exertion of Compound Volition" could "force his atoms against his patient.
According to Gregory, one of the most frequently employed methods of inducing magnetic sleep was for the magnetizer to sit opposite the patient, holding the patient's thumbs and gazing into his eyes.
The MAGNETIZER EES boasts a lifetime warranty and will not void any manufacturer's warranty.
With a variety of tools unique to the program, such as the client referral igniter and first-time client magnetizer, SalonTarget aims to help salon owners receive a return on investment more than four times over.
Detection and sizing performance are maintained up to a maximum speed of 5 m/s thanks to the speed stable magnetizer.
It evokes the image of physical correspondence through transmission of energies, like that of the magnetizer or the musical virtuoso.
P Thompson, Gilbert, of Colchester; an Elizabethan Magnetizer (Sette of Odd Volumes, Opusculum 22, 1891).
We are delighted that Flute has used the Innovatum Cable Magnetizer for their cable system," said Terry Slater, managing director at Innovatum International LTD.
The floating-style magnetizer uses skid plates to transfer magnetism to the pipe wall.
The ILI tool magnetizer became lodged in the line at a schedule 80 (0.
Not only does the TRAXALL 770 have the ability to track pigs using the tried and true method of single-frequency pulsing transmitters, but CDI has added both MFL magnetizer and seven-frequency transmitter tracking.
Each magnetizer "floats" individually so that magnetic forces are consistent whether in a thick or thin wall pipe, or in a tight bend.
As shown in Figure 2, this patent-pending spiral design provides complete pipe-wall inspection in a single, compact magnetizer rather than the two magnetizers required by TFI tools.