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  • verb

Synonyms for magnetize

to direct or impel to oneself by some quality or action

Synonyms for magnetize

attract strongly, as if with a magnet

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Supposing that ferrofluid is incompressible fluid, the squeeze flow of ferrofluid in the clearances between armature and magnetizers is considered to be steady flow.
Mesmeric sleep--and, while we are not enough of a philosopher to account for the strange things done by the subject at the will of the Magnetizer --we think it folly to refer them to collusion.
The mechanism of preventing and treading different kind of diseases by drinking magnetizer water, magnetic technology publication, dubia.
Thermal demagnetization of an IRM imparted along three orthogonal axes (Lowrie, 1990) was performed for a selected set of samples with the use of an ASC Scientific Model IM-10-30 impulse magnetizer, a Schonstedt TSD-1 furnace and a JR5 spinner magnetometer.
One mentions the fact that Kirkup for a time kept pet snakes in a drawer--which must have delighted Swinburne-though being told he was a "powerful magnetizer" must have been small comfort when faced by Kirkup's profound attachment to spiritualism and other psychic phenomena, which would not have been to Swinburne's taste.
Some fell into a trance; many experienced what Mesmer termed the "crisis"--a fit that even seasoned scientists found "astonishing." Quite simply, Mesmer seemed to have despotic power: All subjugate themselves to the magnetizer. They may seem satisfied to be in an apparent state of drowsiness, but his voice or a look or sign from him will draw them out.
First, she shows how Ramellian harmonic theory was "foundational for the conceptualization of mesmerism," and in particular for imagining the sympathetic rapport between magnetizer and subject (p.
Magnetization of the ribbon was performed with a proprietary magnetizer using a 2-pole configuration.
The research will explore a new MFL magnetizer orientation in the circumferential direction.
Beryl Gray has demonstrated that George Eliot shared the Victorian fascination with animal magnetism, or mesmerism, and that the clairvoyant abilities of Latimer, the hero, parallel those described in the contemporary literature on the subject.(1) But Gray discusses only Latimer's prevision of future events, and makes no mention of other, more central features of animal magnetism, such as the condition of magnetic sleep, the relationship between the magnetizer and the sleeper, and the potential for magnetism to generate `double consciousness'.
The film centers on a mysterious "magnetizer" (Ole Lemmeke) in early 19th century Sweden who miraculously cures a doctor's blind daughter, winning her heart but putting darker forces into play.
John Deming of the Magnetizer Group Inc., a magnetic water-treatment supplier, explains that magnetized water undergoes an alteration in its molecular structure and ultimately takes on a higher "electron potential" than the surrounding pipe.
With a variety of tools unique to the program, such as the client referral igniter and first-time client magnetizer, SalonTarget aims to help salon owners receive a return on investment more than four times over.
Detection and sizing performance are maintained up to a maximum speed of 5 m/s thanks to the speed stable magnetizer. Safe operation in explosive environments is ensured by the ATEX certification of the fleet.
It evokes the image of physical correspondence through transmission of energies, like that of the magnetizer or the musical virtuoso.