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  • verb

Synonyms for magnetize

to direct or impel to oneself by some quality or action

Synonyms for magnetize

attract strongly, as if with a magnet

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Few techniques will magnetize a learner more than simply allowing the student to have fun.
Electrical power is only required for 1-2 seconds to initially magnetize or demagnetize the mold.
Magnetize your needle: Stroke it with a magnet from its eye toward its point.
As they make bits smaller to increase data density, engineers could make them stabler against temperature fluctuations by using materials that they can magnetize more intensely, notes Hideo Ohno of Tohoku University in Japan.
We expect localized Pink Panther titles to capture attention of thousands of Russian multimedia users, facilitating development of our distribution network and magnetize general public interest to young multimedia industry in Russia," said Boris Gershuni, general manager at Noviy Disk.
As long as the magnet is strong enough to magnetize each atom in a person, that person will float.