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Synonyms for magnetization

the extent or degree to which something is magnetized

the process that makes a substance magnetic (temporarily or permanently)

the physical property of being magnetic

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The magnetization measurements for washed samples, both for sample 4A and 4C were also carried out after the gels brought to the collapsed state.
Any fluctuation in the electrical characteristics of individual MTJs could cause what was intended as a read-current, to have the effect of a write-current, thus reversing the direction of magnetization of the MTJ.
(7) This technique involves the application of a resonant 90 degree radiofrequency (RF) pulse at the time when the transverse magnetization is refocused by the last 180 degree RF pulse.
A peak field of 20-30 mT has been applied to these samples to recover the Characteristic Remnant Magnetization (ChRM) vectors in these samples (figure 4B).
In the case of the GO sample the hard magnetization axis is orientated at 90[degrees] to the easy axis at low level induction and rotates towards 55[degrees] when magnetic flux density increases (Soinski, 1987).
Rather than using a theoretical magnetization distribution, the true distribution is calculated from the properties of the magnetizing fixture.
Step 2: High magnetization. The pig records signals essentially due to the defect geometry of the pipeline.
For nearly 50 years, the disk drive industry has focused nearly exclusively on a method called longitudinal magnetic recording, in which the magnetization of each data bit is aligned horizontally in relation to the drive's spinning platter.
The pumping process produces a polarization (magnetization) in the sample which undergoes a Larmor precession with the frequency [[omega].sub.L].
We analyzed the directions of magnetization of 60 rock samples taken from borehole cores drilled within and in the vicinity of the structure using thermal and alternating field demagnetization.
According to the ease of magnetization, magnetic materials can be classified into hard and soft.
Chemists at the University of Waterloo say that they may have discovered a faster and more efficient way to store and process information using the power of light to induce magnetization in certain semiconductors.
The magnetization process of a bulk superconductor essentially involves the application and removal of a large magnetic field that induces a circulating supercurrent in the material that flows without resistance, 'trapping' magnetic flux within the material (hence why they are also known as 'trapped field magnets').
The relevance of this paper lies in the fact that in well-known works the magnetization of cylindrical cores is insufficiently investigated in conditions of large changes in magnetic permeability and levels of an external magnetic field, which makes it difficult to design electromagnets for spacecraft control systems.