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  • verb

Synonyms for magnetize

to direct or impel to oneself by some quality or action

Synonyms for magnetize

attract strongly, as if with a magnet

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To fuse the magnetizable atoms to the silica surface, the team developed a molecule with an atom of dysprosium (a rare earth metal with atomic number 66), where the molecule scaffolding acts as a "vehicle" for the atom.
He is experimenting with combinations of iron and nitrogen because thin films made out of these elements are the most magnetizable material known.
13,17 Practical limitations include cost, availability, possible presence of magnetizable foreign body, indispensible use of magnetizable monitoring equipment in a severely injured person, and claustrophobia.
Immunoradiometric assay for alpha gamma- and gamma gamma-enolase (neuron-specific enolase), with use of monoclonal antibodies and magnetizable polymer particles.
Field-induced temperature and energy changes in an ideal magnetizable gas
Products for security applications have been widened with new IR transparent blacks and magnetizable blacks containing properties that allow it to fit into a broader range of applications that were previously not possible.
One comprises a magnetizable leaf spring within a coil embedded in a plastic housing.
The format has been retained, but the coverage now includes new chapters on cyclohydrocarbons, gas-to-liquids, natural oils as lubricants, chemically modified vegetable oils, biotechnological enhancement of soybean oil, automatic and continuously variable transmission fluids, environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil-based engine oils, magnetizable fluids, lubricants for the disk drive industry, fluids for food-grade applications, critical cleaning of advanced lubricants from surfaces, and diesel automotive trends.
Since a susceptibility meter measures the susceptibility directly, and is proportional to the mass of magnetizable material, the value should be linearly related to the amount of ferromagnetic mineral present, i.
Mechanical Behaviour of Magnetizable Polymers Under Dynamical Load
German companies included international conglomerates like Siemens AG (a workshop for "tube processing"); H & H Metalform (flow-forming machines to make maraging steel rotor tubes for centrifuges); Neue Magdeburger Werkzeugmachinen GmbH (aluminum forgings and a CNC machine to machine casings); Rhein-Bayern Fahrzeugbau GmbH (240,000 magnetizable ferrite spacers for centrifuges); oxidation furnaces from Degussa AG and Leybold Heraeus (electron-beam welder); centrifuge balancing machines from Reutlinger und Sohne KG; Arthur Pfeiffer Vakuum Tecknik GmbH (vacuum induction furnace) and a host of other companies and products.
Then, as a magnetizable steel wire or tape was drawn rapidly past the induction coil, the steel would retain a portion of that magnetic flux as a record of the original sound.
Streamlining the sample handling process and incorporating Cortex Biochem's proprietary magnetizable particles technology eliminate the requirement for additional equipment such as centrifuges, columns, and vacuum systems.
Another modulus-variable material similar to this mechanism is the magneto-rheological fluid (MRF), which has a viscous fluid matrix [1], However, the relatively low viscosity of the matrix, the settlement of minute magnetizable particles, and the need for a fluid container can be problematic.
Elastosil R 781/80, a solid silicone rubber filled with tiny magnetizable particles, is another Wacker innovation.