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Synonyms for magnetise

attract strongly, as if with a magnet

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The Magnetise Group(Magnetise), a marketing technology company that improves the reach, return and accountability of digital engagement has been ranked as the 20[sup.
Performance-based marketing has grown rapidly since Magnetise was founded in 2007 due to the accountability and cost control achievable.
They need to have a high permeability which means they are easy to magnetise and demagnetise in an alternating electric current.
The purpose of my research is to develop electrical steels, with low magnetic losses that are easy to magnetise and with a very thin strip thickness which can be consistently manufactured.
WE'VE teamed up with Semichem to give readers a free Rimmel Nail Polish with the choice of three shades - Be a Star, Wishing on a Star or Magnetise Nail Polish worth pounds 3.