magnetic variation

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the angle (at a particular location) between magnetic north and true north

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True North Heading Indication based on Magnetic Variation Correction
During the later sixteenth-century, the English had been successful with most questions of mathematical navigation--longitude excepted--including amplitude corrections of magnetic variation.
These and other useful features, such as an integral magnetic variation calculation and over 30,000 stored town/city coordinates, combine to enable a system to be either designed for any global location.
Features included: - Digital link budgets for Satellite TV, SNG, radio and data - FM link budgets - Sun outage prediction (single site and satellite) - Sun outage batch file handling (multiple sites or multiple satellites) - Antenna aiming - Dual/multi feed positioning - Dish sizing - Polar mount alignment - EIRP, SFD and G/T map viewer - Automatic magnetic variation calculation - Solar transit times - Off-axis gains - Rain attenuation model (ITU-R P.
In today's market, it is currently the only digital compass available today with the ability to provide true heading data by applying a magnetic variation algorithm when given positional information and date.