magnetic tape

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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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Magnetic tapes with a coating of magnetic powder measuring tens of nanometers applied to the top of the film are currently considered the mainstream form of tape storage media.
She added "Businesses and governments use magnetic tape to store, protect
These include datafiles, databases, and software on diskette, CD-ROM, and magnetic tape.
In any case, the recorders do all the clever stuff you've come to associate with digital devices, making your old VCRs look very much like last millennium's news -- particularly since both recorders will allow users to transfer their old magnetic tape recordings onto their hard disks or, even more sensibly, straight across onto DVD disc, so you have nice, almost-future-proof hard copies to stick in an archive somewhere.
As consumer awareness of magnetic tape deterioration increases, people are turning to software that can convert older recordings to digital formats.
The Star (Strategic/Tactical Airborne Recorder) family of solid state recorders from L3 Communications is an open architecture-based replacement for magnetic tape recorders in high capacity, high data rate reconnaissance, instrumentation and flight test applications.
Magnetic tape, developed in Germany during World War II, opened the era of reel-to-reel recordings, and all but the youngest libraries still have shelves of them.
The announcement coincides with IBM's 50th anniversary of magnetic tape storage that ushered in a new era of information processing.
Audio and digital data can be recovered from short, damaged segments of magnetic tape, reconstructed and played back.
* Producing a magnetic tape of SAR forms (using revised specifications obtained from the Detroit Computing Center) and mailing them to the Detroit Computing Center
The publication asserts, though, that further PET growth will be threatened by saturated photographic film and magnetic tape applications, as alternative technologies continue to undermine market share.
Agencies participating in NIBRS are able to report via magnetic tape an offender's bias motivation using the hate crime data element in their NIBRS submissions.
I started wondering about those magnetic tape montages - what would have been the point of their actually carrying the sounds they are represented as carrying, that buzzing mosquito and all those seabirds?
of America has named Geri Siscaretti merchandising manager of the magnetic tape division.
With all hindrances removed and the help of magnetic tape, positioning the drawings is easily done: there is no juggling with delicate exhibits, temporary nails and recalcitrant captions.