magnetic stripe

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a short strip of magnetic tape attached to a credit card or debit card

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Wireless Magnetic Communications (WMC) technology allows any portable device to generate wireless magnetic data pulses that can be transmitted over-the-air to traditional magnetic stripe readers.
Banks can run a simple check to see if any card inserted into an ATM is a counterfeit magnetic stripe card that is encoded with data stolen from a chip card," KrebsonSecurity.
Both mobile card readers support hi-coercivity and low-coercivity magnetic stripe cards conforming to ISO 7810/ISO 7811 specifications.
Integrated circuit cards are believed to be more secure than traditional magnetic stripe cards because the embedded chips are much harder to clone.
As Chip Cards are a more secure alternative to traditional magnetic stripe payment cards, we had the foresight to migrate to this new technology to give our customers added peace of mind.
The early development of a hybrid magnetic stripe technology for payment cards combined with a hologram, which began in the late 1980s, was a combination of three companies--ABNH, Control Module Inc and Leonhard Kurz.
The magnetic stripe pass card is an introduction to the next step in technology - the smart card,'' said AVTA Executive Director Randy Floyd.
While magnetic stripe technology is able to process and record transactions instantaneously, transactions with smart card technology occur offline during nightly batch processing, then link directly to a student's bank account.
The user can swipe the card at a magnetic stripe terminal and information regarding the user's selection will be communicated through the card reader via the Electronic Stripe[R].
For added functionality, units featuring this option will also have an ISO magnetic stripe encoder.
an innovator in next-generation payment cards, today revealed it has executed multiple volume agreements with card issuers to launch its next-generation magnetic stripe products within the United States.
The technologies incorporated on these cards include magnetic stripe, watermark, Wiegand, proximity, and bar code.
Dynamics' anti-skimming device, called the Dynamic Credit Card[TM], helps to protect consumers and merchants against this threat by automatically writing a new, unique dynamic security code onto its magnetic stripe for every in-store purchase.
Issuers can now introduce new payment functionality to all cardholder segments without changing the magnetic stripe infrastructure.
Uniquely priced at around $1,250 per unit, the multifunction MRT320 Series Terminal features include an embedded barcode scanner, an on-board thermal printer and an integrated three-track magnetic stripe reader packaged durably for an efficient handheld solution designed specifically for enterprise-level service, retail and entertainment support in the field.