magnetic storm

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a sudden disturbance of the earth's magnetic field

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Plot of Dst by the International Service of Geomagnetic Indices (ISGI) and variations of the three orthogonal components of the magnetic field (X--North, Y--East and Z--Vertical downwards) registered by MOURA magnetometers (Black S1 and grey S2) and SPT reference magnetometers (blue and dotted) in the period of the magnetic storm.
Luhmann said that by studying images captured by the sun-observing spacecraft, scientists can better understand coronal mass ejections and predict solar magnetic storms in the future.
Luhmann and their colleagues report their analysis of the magnetic storm, which was detected by NASA's STEREO A spacecraft.
What if a major magnetic storm wiped all the bank records overnight?
In addition is plotted the annual frequency with which the impact of activity in the solar wind caused a magnetic storm sudden commencement.
Such flares sometimes disrupt the Earth's magnetic field causing a magnetic storm that can be recorded with a magnetograph.
Dst index's showing high negative values means that there is a big magnetic storm [Sugiura, M, 1991].
Depending on how the solar magnetic field captured in the solar wind encounters the Earth's magnetic field, a magnetic storm may develop.
As recently as 1989, high-voltage transformers in the power grid were damaged by an intense magnetic storm, causing a 12-hour blackout in Quebec, Canada; electrical problems in utility sub-stations along the Eastern seaboard of the United States are often attributed to the same sources.
During three-four days after magnetic storm, the number of binuclear and tetra-nuclear cells decreased and the number of large cells with big nuclei increased (Figure 1b).
Aurora continued on a mega-scale as it focused on a magnetic storm viewed first from space and then from the ground up.
4, 1972, a magnetic storm caused the failure of the coaxial cable connecting Plano, Ill.
The results may be like those seen on March 13, 1989, a day when an amazing northern lights display was visible as far south as Central America and 6 million people in Montreal, Canada, lost their electricity due to disruptions caused by the mighty magnetic storm.
During a magnetic storm, charged particles are attracted to the magnetic field lines extending from both polar regions into interplanetary space.
Although a strong magnetic storm reduced the value of the collected data, the magnetometer nonetheless successfully accomplished its mission.