magnetic storm

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a sudden disturbance of the earth's magnetic field

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Luhmann and their colleagues report their analysis of the magnetic storm, which was detected by NASA's STEREO A spacecraft.
But it could cause minor magnetic storms that could disrupt radios, navigation systems and radar and cause intense displays of the Aurora Borealis.
As a model, the research focuses on the Anatolian peninsula, presenting 41 years of historical data on magnetic storms and earthquakes collated from national and international resources.
The disturbance magnetic field may amount to 1 percent or more of the Earth's field, thus it is called a magnetic storm.
As recently as 1989, high-voltage transformers in the power grid were damaged by an intense magnetic storm, causing a 12-hour blackout in Quebec, Canada; electrical problems in utility sub-stations along the Eastern seaboard of the United States are often attributed to the same sources.
During three-four days after magnetic storm, the number of binuclear and tetra-nuclear cells decreased and the number of large cells with big nuclei increased (Figure 1b).
Aurora continued on a mega-scale as it focused on a magnetic storm viewed first from space and then from the ground up.
4, 1972, a magnetic storm caused the failure of the coaxial cable connecting Plano, Ill.
During a magnetic storm, charged particles are attracted to the magnetic field lines extending from both polar regions into interplanetary space.
Although a strong magnetic storm reduced the value of the collected data, the magnetometer nonetheless successfully accomplished its mission.
ers e ek Aurora watchers were out in force in Scotland last week after a massive magnetic storm high in our atmosphere raised hopes of spectacular displays.
For those who wish to build their own magnetic storm detector, there are two popular designs--the variometer and the fluxgate --which are sensitive enough to detect storm-induced changes in the Earth's magnetic field, and technologically within reach of the amateur observer.
ANSWERS 1 Sprinter Usain Bolt; 2 Nearly pounds 13,000 according to Scottish Widows; 3 Prince Harry; 4 Tesco; 5 Naomie Harris; 6 Nissan; 7 Shaking hands; 8 Rio Ferdinand; 9 Prince Harry; 10 LulzSec; 11 Bournemouth, according to a survey by TripAdvisor; 12 Mitt Romney; 13 Jason Donovan; 14 Her 19-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina; 15 Solar particles after a magnetic storm on the Sun; 16 His brother, the Duke of Cambridge; 17 Liza Tarbuck; 18 Prince Harry; 19 Approximately 3.
AIRLINES and energy suppliers are on alert after an explosion on the surface of the Sun led to an enormous magnetic storm which has the power to disrupt power lines, satellite navigation systems and flight paths.
The data show that while a small amount of the missing energetic electrons did fall into the atmosphere, the vast majority were pushed away from the planet, stripped away from the radiation belt by the onslaught of solar wind particles during the heightened solar activity that generated the magnetic storm itself.