magnetic recorder

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recorder consisting of equipment for making records on magnetic media

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Interestingly, one historian claims that a meeting between Smith and Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph, provided the inspiration for the magnetic recorder. Smith's recorder and his encounter with Edison are described in Arthur J.
Europeans designed their magnetic recorders as office dictating machines or as tools for radio broadcasting.
For data to be processed, tape must be drawn around capstans and over rollers in the reel-type magnetic recorder. Disks must be spun and R/W heads indexed to access data on the platters of a Winchester drive.
(I an antiferromagnetic sample the domains alternate pointing in opposite directions, making an orderly pattern but producing no net magnetism.) A knowledge of the locations, sizes and orientations of magnetic domains is important for the production and understanding of all manner of magnetic devices, particularly magnetic recorders and magnetic memories.
Magnetic recorders are often designed by a modular approach that permits the storage of different data streams on separate tracks of a single physical media unit.