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either of two points where the lines of force of the Earth's magnetic field are vertical

one of the two ends of a magnet where the magnetism seems to be concentrated

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Because of the movement of material within the Earth's core, the south magnetic pole is currently moving northwest at a rate of about 15 km per year.
The magnetic poles are always on the move (see page 5), and for the past few decades, the north magnetic pole has been doing so at a greater rate.
Like Earth, the sun has a north magnetic pole and a south magnetic pole.
The Royal Navy man joined Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition of 1907-09 as a surgeon and was one of three men to reach the South Magnetic Pole.
Because the magnetic pole moves 37 miles each year nobody has been able to actually pin point his location for a visit.
Using anisotropic magneto resistive (AMR) technology, the contactless sensor measures angles of an exterior magnet over a 3600 rotation as well as incremental positions along a linear magnetic pole strip with a 5-mm pole length.
He led an expedition to Antarctica in 1912 which explored large areas of the Antarctic coast, describing its geology, biology and meteorology, and more closely defining the location of the south magnetic pole.
Local owner Derek Pugh, a retired auctioneer who recently celebrated his 61st wedding anniversary, adores his racing at Bangor and persuaded his trainer Richard Lee to divert Magnetic Pole from Worcester for yesterday's 2m4f handicap chase, where the visored gelding held off Cebone's finish by a short-head.
Jock Wishart and his five-strong team aim to row 450 miles across the Arctic sea to the magnetic pole.
Magnetic North Pole is heading for RussiaEarthAAEs north magnetic pole is moving fairly rapidlyAunearly 40 miles a yearAuin the direction of Russia, according to new research, and data points to a region of rapidly shifting magnetic activity on the surface of the EarthAAEs core.
I am the first Omani, the first GCC national and the first Arab to walk to the North Magnetic Pole.
This seems to be the case in the present volume, the subject of which is, ostensibly, the "quest for the South Magnetic Pole," but which in fact offers very much more.
PREDICT: Earth is like a huge magnet with a north magnetic pole and a south magnetic pole.
The Hitachi TA system contains arrays of magnetic pole teeth wherein the magnetic field alternates in the air gap between the upper array of pole teeth and the lower array.
They think the nebula, first recorded by Chinese astronomers in 1054, may be the first cosmological object with a third magnetic pole.