magnetic north

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the direction in which a compass needle points

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Andrew Jones, Magnetic North's Sales Director, commented: "We are delighted that following a tendering process, RESPONSE have chosen Magnetic North to deliver their hosted Contact Centre solution.
MAPPED OUT: An early chart featuring magnetic north, depicting the coast of Africa
Navigators have used magnetic north for centuries to orient themselves when they are far from recognizable landmarks.
Produced by David 'Fault-line' Kosten, who has worked with REM's Michael Stipe, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Wolverhampton songwriter Ben Christophers, new album Magnetic North finds Iain in playful mode and looking to connect with audiences.
Magnetic North, Current Installation Photography in Finland, until 18 Nov, The New Art Gallery Walsall.
This results in a continuous, on-line gyro bias calibration, with attitude and heading measurement stabilization provided by the long-term gravity and magnetic north references.
He is the oldest man to reach the Magnetic North Pole on foot, and claims he punched a polar bear's face there.
Less than four months ago, Mr Al Busaidi became the first GCC national to walk to the magnetic North Pole.
Jamie Wood, 28, of Prendwick Farm in Whittingham, near Alnwick, took part in the Polar Challenge, a team race in the Arctic to the 1996 location of the Magnetic North Pole and beyond.
PC Ariss will set off from Resolute Bay, in Canada, embarking on a 60-mile walk to the start line, from where he will ski, pulling a hefty sledge to the Magnetic North Pole, from April 5 to May 10.
1831 The magnetic North Pole was located by Sir James Clark Ross on his Arctic exploration expedition 1880 The first telephone call box for public use, in New Haven, Connecticut, went into service 1915 Zeppelins carried out their first raid on London 1935 Driving tests were introduced and L plates made compulsory 1946 The first TV licences were issued in Britain,at a fee of pounds 2 1953 Gordon Richards became the first jockey to be knighted.
The geomagnetic pole is a mathematically-defined position, which differs from the shifting magnetic north pole - by which compasses are set - and from the poles on which the earth rotates.
By analyzing the orientation of the grains, scientists can tell the position of the ancient continents relative to the magnetic north pole, which almost always lies close to the rotation axis.
OEMs include: Thales Contact Solutions (formerly Racal Recorder), Eyretel, Mercom Systems, Datavoice, Wygant Scientific, ASC telecom AG, TantaComm Systems, Magnetic North, and CallTrol.
The sun, which switches polarity once every 11 years, will soon "flip" its magnetic north and south.