magnetic monopole

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a hypothetical particle with a single magnetic pole instead of the usual two

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Such experiments could yield clues as to how an actual magnetic monopole might reveal itself in nature.
magnetic monopole A particle with a magnetic charge that is similar to an electric charge.
It is the "mirror" symmetry character that provides standard Maxwell equations at very small deltron coupling (a magnetic source-free state) (6) while strong deltron coupling provides a magnetic monopole type of effect via [[?
It is assumed that quarks are spin 1/2 Dirac particles that carry a unit of magnetic monopole.
Finding a magnetic monopole seems more difficult than getting rich enough to build a hotel on the Boardwalk.
Based on Maxwell's laws this develops into the idea of the magnetic monopole (MMP) in each quark.
This formula shows that the energy quantization gives the charge quantization and thus these two quantizations are from the same property of the photon when photon is modelled by the Dirac-Wilson loop and identified with the magnetic monopole for some frequencies.
It turns out that while you're looking for magnetic monopoles, you can do a lot of other science," Heinz says.
Hence, the magnetic monopole does not manifest its self via Lorentz force.
They did it by introducing to the theory a hypothetical particle called a magnetic monopole.
14, 1982, a magnetometer operated by Blas Cabrera at Stanford University recorded the passage of what seemed to be a magnetic monopole.
This relativistic and gauge invariant theory of broken symmetry is based on a nonzero electric field divergence in the vacuum, in combination with a vanishing magnetic field divergence due to the non-existence of observed magnetic monopoles.
Alexander Polyakov for his many discoveries in field theory and string theory including the conformal bootstrap, magnetic monopoles, instantons, confinement/de-confinement, the quantization of strings in non-critical dimensions, gauge/string duality and many others.
Andrews, La Plata and Oxford, for the first time observed magnetic monopoles and how they emerge in a real material.
Washington, September 4 (ANI): In a new research, a team of scientists has for the first time observed magnetic monopoles and how they emerge in a real material.