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the torque exerted on a magnet or dipole when it is placed in a magnetic field

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i], where i represents the value of magnetic moment per [Fe.
To nail down the magnetic moment, the Harvard group aims to measure accurately the photon frequency that most effectively boosts the electron from the ground state to the next-wider orbit, Gabrielse says.
Dimeric nature of synthesized complexes further characterized by effective magnetic moments, spectral, conductance, CHN and metal analysis.
This finally leads to spatially integrated quantities such as net electric charge q, magnetic moment M, total mass m, and total spin [s.
where B is the magnetic field, |B(x)| is the magnitude of B, and [mu] is the magnetic moment of the neutron [1,2].
NMR probes rely on the effect of a resonating magnetic field, imposed at right angles to a larger static field to perturb the orientation of nuclear magnetic moments.
The observed magnetic moment of the [Cu2(LH2)2]2H2O complex is diamagnetic.
The electron's spin gives it a tiny magnetic moment, and the moments of the right and left-spinning electrons point in opposite directions.
Then, he measured most of important magnetic properties such as saturation magnetization, magnetic hysteresis, magnetic residue (magnetic remanence), coercivity, bulk saturation, magnetic moment and specific area of the particles by BET and VSM devices.
To obtain clues that the electron itself may be composed of tinier components, they have made extremely precise measurements of such characteristics as an electron's magnetism, or magnetic moment.
of Minnesota, image individual magnetosomes, which provide "a very simple magnetic moment for us," says Dahlberg.
Taking the glucose monitoring device as an example, very specific magnetic sensors could be calibrated to detect specific magnetic moment behaviors at certain frequencies of glucose molecules in the blood, and measure these levels in a known unit volume.
Specifically, NAVISAS is devoted to combine multiple GNSS constellations (GLONASS, GPS and Galileo) and a novel concept of atomic micro-gyroscope based on atomic spin and nuclear magnetic moment precessions, and to assess the improvements in performance and security.
The obtained Schiff base and mixed ligand chelates were subjected to several physiochemical techniques in terms of CHN elemental analyses molar conductivity magnetic moment measurements infrared proton nuclear magnetic resonance electronic and mass spectra.
of a fermion particle, the magnetic moment relation