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the torque exerted on a magnet or dipole when it is placed in a magnetic field

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Moreover, a Guy-type magnetic balance (Hertz SG8SHJ) was employed for the measurement of the magnetic moment. A JEOL SX102/DA-6000 mass spectrometer was used for taking the mass spectra of these compounds by employing glycerol as matrix and m/z (%) is reported for the ions.
The influence of the level of the external magnetic field and the length of the core on its magnetic moment. Due to the axial symmetry of the field, the magnetic moment vector [??] of the core under consideration has only an axial projection in cylindrical coordinates
The relationship between the magnetic moment and the angular momentum is called the "gyromagnetic ratio" and has the value "e/2m".
The magnetic moment of any ferromagnetic object is caused by induced and permanent magnetization [17].
The magnetic moment per Fe atom, [[bar.m].sub.Fe], calculated from [[sigma].sub.0], is also given in Table 1.
where the relevant EM charge [Q.sub.EM] is written in terms of the electron mass me, the fine-structure constant [a.sub.EM], and the effective neutrino magnetic moment as [57]
We attribute the origin of such unusual magnetic behavior in the current study to the presence of film layers with different magnetic moments leading to net antiferromagnetic behavior.
Thus when fulfilling the above assumptions, we can write for the vectors of observed field [B.sub.Obs] = [[B.sub.x], [B.sub.y], [B.sub.z]] and vector of car disturbance field [] = [[], [], []] utilizing the well-known equation for magnetic field of a magnetic dipole with magnetic moment m [[m.sub.x], [m.sub.y], [m.sub.z]] position vector r [[r.sub.x], [r.sub.y], [r.sub.z]] and an (orthogonal) rotation matrix R:
The magnetic moment of a proton arises due to its spin, which is an intrinsic form of angular momentum.
The magnetic moment of the amorphous alloy behavior is compared with similar crystalline materials.
UV-Vis data (nm): 220, 226, 256, 520, 667, 682; Magnetic moment, [[mu].sub.eff](BM): 5.20.
The weak magnetic moment was observed in Ti[O.sub.2] films due to abundant Vos [14].
The influences of stress on the electron band structure, the electron density of states, and the atomic magnetic moment are analyzed.