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(nautical) a marine mine that is detonated by a mechanism that responds to magnetic material (as the steel hull of a ship)

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Magnetic mines differed from the floating contact mines often seen in films.
It was designed as a magnetic mine for use against ships.
Leader Missle and Magnetic Mine -- Race on 12 futuristic bikes with improved control and handling -- Check out Extreme-G2's enhanced tracks - these are wider and
The unmanned Influence Sweep System program is intended to develop a technology that can detect acoustic and magnetic mines and be deployed from the littoral combat ship.
He was then employed in a 'reserved' war job, degaussing ships against magnetic mines.
In the World War II it was used to control the anti-aircraft guns defending the Milford Haven Waterway and to plot the position of German air dropped magnetic mines.
Contract Awarded for An unmanned surface vehicle designed to sweep for acoustic and magnetic mines from the Littoral Combat Ship
They also dealt with aerial mines, particularly magnetic mines.
He discusses treaties such as the Washington Conference and Geneva Conference in 1927; the Kent and London classes and modernization; smaller cruisers; the HMS Exeter; the 1930 London Treaty and its cruisers and alternatives; the 1936 treaty, rearmament, and the Fiji class; and World War II designs and changes, including to radar and increased close-range anti-aircraft weapons, and the introduction of degaussing coils for magnetic mines.
HMS Blyth, which was launched in 2000 and weighs 485 tonnes, and is made from glass-reinforced plastic to avoid triggering magnetic mines.
In one classified "threat report", Gul is said to have ordered the planting of magnetic mines, to be hidden in snow on roads, where they would attach themselves to passing military vehicles and could then be remotely detonated to wreak havoc in Afghan cities.
During the Second World War, Mr Allingham worked on weapons development for aircraft maker De Havilland and helped neutralise German magnetic mines.
Like himself, my father was a discharged regular soldier doing whatever work he could get, which during the war included the back-breaking labour of fitting degaussing cables around ships to repel magnetic mines.
The IDA emits a magnetic field that's designed to activate magnetic mines.