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(nautical) a marine mine that is detonated by a mechanism that responds to magnetic material (as the steel hull of a ship)

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"The Afghan Special Forces also conducted a search operation of a suspected weapons cache in Ahmadabad district of Paktika province and discovered one magnetic mine and 16 mine controllers," the source added.
Unfortunately, the ship hit a magnetic mine on her trip up the North Sea and when she reached the Tyne the Tyne Commissioners wouldn't allow the ship in.
Twin blastsTuesday's first blast targeted a parked Iraqi armoured vehicle and a car bomb went off minutes later at a nearby parking lot opposite the foreign ministry on the edge of the Green Zone.Witnesses said a magnetic mine had been used in the first attack against the armoured vehicle parked at a security check point leading to the Green Zone.
The 700-tonne Stalheim had been delivering supplies for the war effort when it was holed by the blast from a magnetic mine off Port Talbot on July 31, 1940.
St Seiriol survived but Mona's Queen hit a magnetic mine, breaking her back and sinking with 24 crew lost
The OASIS combines the acoustic and magnetic mine detonation functions now performed by noisemakers and magnetic sleds in a single towed body.
It was a magnetic mine but one of the officers told us not to worry because we were in a wooden boat.'
When he joined the Navy at the age of 15, he was sent to HMS Belfast but escaped injury when the ship hit a magnetic mine in the Firth of Forth.
The Tolo News quoted the local officials as saying that the blast occurred Saturday evening when a magnetic mine was placed in a Police Ranger and detonated.
A huge seven-foot long German ground mine was originally designed as a magnetic mine to sink or damage ships.
Also of interest is its restoration of the anchor from Isle of Man Steam Packet ferry Mona's Queen, retrieved from her wreck on May 29, last year, 70 years to the day when she was sunk by a magnetic mine while serving in the Dunkirk evacuation.
It was designed as a magnetic mine for use against ships.
The US released a video showing supposedly Iranian boats putting on the magnetic mines in order to create a wave of anger against Iran and to urge Japanese President to declare war against Iran.