magnetic levitation

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high-speed rail technology

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We proposed a magnetic levitation system that controls the 3-axes movement of the steel-plate (Fig.
Magnetic levitation system used for experimental purposes is susceptible to external conditions and environmental impacts.
Different from what have been studied, this present paper deals with the controller design problem of the magnetic levitation system with stochastic disturbances.
The proposed flat-type vertical-gap passive magnetic levitation vibration isolator consists of three components, that is, upper stator, mover, and lower stator, as shown in Figure 1.
All this hinges on magnetic levitation: The tires would not touch the car.
That led swiftly to other levitating projects, working with brands such as Nike and Urban Ears to build magnetic levitation installations: shoes, headphones and speakers.
Japan National Railways first began researching superconducting magnetic levitation back in 1962, two years prior to the opening of the Shinkansen bullet train service between Tokyo and Osaka.
Magnetic levitation trains were developed in Germany but were never used commercially, after an accident during a test run killed 26 people in 2006.
The seven-car maglev - short for "magnetic levitation" - reached a top speed of 603km/h on Tuesday during what officials described as a "comfortable" zip along a test track near Mount Fuji, reports The Guardian.
ThyssenKrupp, a German conglomerate whose specialty is automotive technology, recently unveiled an elevator that can move sideways as well as up and down and even diagonally too, thanks to magnetic levitation system.
The president first envisioned the project during a visit to China as governor of Mexico state, where he observed the efficiency and utility of a high-speed magnetic levitation rail line that connected the Shanghai airport and other points with another point in the city in just eight minutes, traveling at 430 km per hour.
SkyTran is a rapid transit system in which lightweight two-person vehicles are suspended from elevated magnetic levitation tracks.
Minervini was recognized for his many significant contributions in the field of large scale applications of superconductivity, in particular, "for his contributions to numerous magnet systems for fusion energy, magnetic levitation, energy storage, power generation and transmission, magnetic separation, high energy and nuclear physics, medical applications, and, for his contributions as the U.
Recent bad train crashes in Europe include one in February 2010 in Buizingen in Belgium which claimed the lives of 18 people, a September 2006 crash of a magnetic levitation train on a test track in the Emsland area of Germany which killed 23 people, and a derailment of a packed train outside the Montenegro capital of Podgorica in January 2006 in which 46 people died.