magnetic levitation

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high-speed rail technology

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Flyte sees some of Tesla's technology combined with magnetic levitation, opening up a magical world of possibilities.
The system propels trains using magnetic levitation.
The magnetic levitation system (MLS) is a mechatronic system acknowledged both in the mechatronic area and in other engineering fields.
Maglev trains - short for magnetic levitation - use powerful magnets that allow the train to skim along its guideway without touching it, reducing friction and increasing speeds.
Engineers at June's Wind Power Asia Exhibition 2006 in Beijing showed off what they are claiming is a significant advance in wind power efficiency: the world's first full-permanent magnetic levitation (Maglev) wind power generator.
Pentan's vision also included a 'Hover' replacing the car and frictionless magnetic levitation trains.
Prime Minister Tony Blair confirmed the government will consider the Ultraspeed magnetic levitation (maglev) project along with others for a high speed London to Scotland link.
New markets for high-temp superconductors include magnetic levitation, energy storage, fast electronics and ultra-high field magnets.
Since the early 1990s, which saw construction of overhead expressways and an underground transit network, the city has seen massive upgrades in its infrastructure -- a fifth road bridge has just been completed over the Huangpu River with two new under-river tunnels under construction; the outer ringroad has recently been completed; the world's first commercial magnetic levitation rail system will later this year link the new Pudong airport with the central city; US$3 billion has been allotted for the 2010 World Expo; and public green space is marked to triple per capita by 2020.
No Bike signs, stringent traffic fines, and planned subway lines, including the world's first high-speed magnetic levitation rail system, are part of a plan launched in 2001 to reduce bicycle use by 25% by 2005.
The benefits are derived from the simple, yet novel, application of magnetic levitation to blood pump design.
Shanghai is building a high-speed magnetic levitation railway with German consortium Transrapid International to link the city centre to the airport, thus shortening travel time to eight minutes.
The official added the Chinese premier is likely to tour a testing facility for a magnetic levitation train system in Saitama Prefecture, west of Tokyo, in connection with the planned construction of a high-speed railway between Beijing and Shanghai.
Urban travelers will ride in ultra-light magnetic levitation cars--not linked together in trains--that will zoom by every minute, operating much like today's elevators, stopping only when individual passengers want to board or exit.
The three-car vehicle, called maglev--short for magnetic levitation train--hit its peak speed on an 18-kilometer (11-mile) test track west of Tokyo.