magnetic intensity

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the amount of magnetic flux in a unit area perpendicular to the direction of magnetic flow

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Putman said that his previous studies of the Columbia River have shown that the magnetic intensity shifts less than 30 kilometers in either direction over a period of three years, which is about the length of time many salmon spend in the ocean.
Furthermore clear, localised, well-defined, high magnetic anomalies could be observed around the western and west-central portions of the aeromagnetic maps of the study area (Figures 2 and 3) Total magnetic intensity values in the aforementioned areas varied from 7960nT to 8020nT, whereas residual magnetic intensity values ranged from 160nT to 220nT Iron ore is being mined by unskilled miners about 4km north of the town of Nasarawa Eggon; it could thus be inferred that the localised and well-defined high magnetic anomalies may have been associated with the presence of iron ore (having high magnetite to haematite ratio) or other metal-liferous mineral deposits within the basement rocks in the area.
The magnetometer data also suggest that significant regions of the survey area do not have extensive anthropogenic enhancement of their magnetic intensity and thus are unlikely to warrant further direct investigation.
In 1993, we received an opportunity to use a magnetometer aboard the submersible Alvin, and we confirmed for the first time that we could detect strong magnetic intensity signals in freshly erupted lava.
We see that there is magnetic intensity only for the low angle position, while no intensity survives the subtraction at the 35[degrees] peak position.
Barry Sandler, who's adapting the heartbreaking novel with the author, says Depp has a "real magnetic intensity and vulnerability" necessary for track coach Harlan.
One could draw imaginary lines in the field, connecting all points of equal magnetic intensity, and call these lines of force.
Verosub wonders whether cycles of climate change have altered the record of magnetic intensity, overprinting it with a pattern that never existed.
Lidar and Magnetic Data Combine to Create Specific Exploration Tools at Red Lake: Lidar data analyzed in conjunction with magnetic data at Red Lake generated an unexpected, very strong positive correlation between higher elevations (more erosion resistant rocks) and rapid local changes in magnetic intensity. This relationship is most noticeable in the dense structural areas between the large faults of the Madden-Dixie multi-fault corridor which are interpreted as very deep clusters of Riedel shear zones, more fully described in Pacton's news release of July 16, 2019.
The magnetic intensity and the necessary energy consumption are key parameters that determine the economics for the magnetic separation process.
The magnetic force exerted by the electric field drove the ferrofluids into the region of strong magnetic intensity and made the display pixel darker.
The bench scale tests indicate that the optimal iron recovery of the Wonganin Sandstone samples (PLV_MET_1 to PLV_MET_3) occurred at a medium magnetic intensity (4000 gauss).
Going forward, follow-up ground exploration, within the permit area, will be focused on lower magnetic intensity targets, proximal to magnetic highs with a focus on areas where ENE and WNW trending structures/features intersect, consistent with 2018 drilling which identified mineralisation extending towards the NW and SE at depth.
This feature results from the great variation of effective potential of nanostructure [U.sub.eff] with the magnetic intensity B of 5[delta]-function MB in system, which implies that one can conveniently tune the degree of the GMR effect via adjusting the parameter B.