magnetic induction

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the process that makes a substance magnetic (temporarily or permanently)

the amount of magnetic flux in a unit area perpendicular to the direction of magnetic flow

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Three dimensional MIT enables volumetric image reconstruction from magnetic induction data.
The results of experimental measurements together with the results of calculation of the module of magnetic induction on axis Z can be seen on Fig.
z] = A, so that the magnetic induction in the point P(r, [phi], z) is given by the expression:
Analysis of changes in the values of magnetic induction in the air gap range by changing the angle of rotation of the rotor shows that the change in rotation of the rotor [B.
The literature [28] proposed that the inner flaws in cylindrical steel material can be detected by the MFL method if the magnetic induction intensity in cylindrical steel material is bigger than 1.
Normal and tangential components of the magnetic induction determined through induction projection vector in Cartesian coordinates by the expression:
The P9027 magnetic induction receiver offers 80 percent peak system level efficiency and improved overall thermal performance.
Based on principles of magnetic induction, Powermat technology renders traditional conductive charging technology obsolete, in favor of an entirely new energy distribution process.
Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology US Patent US9819075 which is relevant to the NXP MiGLO family of ultra-low-power, single-chip solutions enabling wireless audio streaming and data communication Wireless charging innovation US Patent US9627913 used in NXPs High Power Wireless Charging Solutions
Faraday's Law of Magnetic Induction (1831): A changing magnetic field is accompanied by a changing electric field at right angles to the change of the magnetic field.
Figure 5 illustrates the magnetic induction distribution in the final configuration of the controllable pump, obtained with a supply current of 2 A.
com)-- The 2017 Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi Developer Conference, held in San Francisco on November 16, brought more than 200 product developers from around the country together to discuss complex magnetic induction wireless power design.
In contrast to magnetic induction, which has a similar resolution, terahertz offers 10 times better repeatability, or 1[per thousand].
A distinctive feature of the Ansys software is the ability to connect the simulation model of the control system (Ansys Simplorer) to the object of the electric machine, storing the full field data (AnsysMaxwell 2D & 3D), including the state of the electromagnetic field values (magnetic induction vector with vector magnetic potential for 2D calculations and vector magnetic induction with a vector of magnetic field strength for problems in 3D formulation) in a given range of rotation frequencies.