magnetic induction

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the process that makes a substance magnetic (temporarily or permanently)

the amount of magnetic flux in a unit area perpendicular to the direction of magnetic flow

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The relationship between magnetic induction B, magnetising force H and susceptibility k, as given by Reynolds (Reynolds, 1997), is:
The signal transmission was possible because of the principle of magnetic induction, which uses ion conduction instead of the electron flow that is used in regular, metallic antennas.
The SIE extensometers use high-accuracy magnetic induction linear sensors which are light and compact.
According to Visteon design engineer Michael Andrews, the pad transmits power via magnetic induction, so there is no chance of users getting an electric shock.
It has a flat aluminum sandwich bottom said to perform on any stovetop, including magnetic induction, ceramic and glass.
Both have flat aluminum sandwich bottoms that can be used on magnetic induction, ceramic and glass cooktops.
EMD employs a sophisticated combination of magnetic induction and electronic processing to directly, instantaneously and accurately measure torque from a static or rotating shaft--without contact and in hostile environments.
Magnetic induction at 60 Hz in the human heart: a comparison between the in situ and isolated scenarios.
The MP30 unit is available in two models: the Deltascope MP30, which measures all nonconductive and nonmetallic coatings on iron and steel using the magnetic induction method; and the Isoscope MP30 model, which measures nonconductive coatings on nonferrous base materials using the eddy-current method.
Skytrain uses the same magnetic induction method of propulsion as the now defunct Maglev serving our own NEC, although running on orthodox rails rather than using the levitation principle.
A magnetic induction flowmeter helps to avoid the overfilling often encountered in other systems.
A T-coil is a magnetic induction pickup coil mounted inside the hearing aid.
The above derivations showing the magnetic field effect on electrophoresis are for the magnetic induction effect.
By using near-field resonant magnetic induction, electricity travels via magnetic fields instead of through a physical connection, like a power cord.
Just as a wireless phone charger will power up a smartphone, the roads will charge vehicles using magnetic induction resonance.