magnetic inclination

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(physics) the angle that a magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon

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Total magnetic field anomaly map (TFMA) values were obtained by subtracting regional IGRF TFMI from TFMI (Figure 5a) A reduction-to-the-pole (RTP) filter was applied thereby obtaining the RTP total magnetic field anomaly map (Cooper and Cowan, 2005; Figure 5b) to simplify magnetic anomaly dipolar asymmetry regarding survey area magnetic inclination and declination.
Magnetic inclination measurements are made at one point closest to the centre of the map sheet.
The statistical method of McFadden and Reid (1982) was used to determine the maximum likelihood estimate of the magnetic inclination of the respective components, and to estimate the precision parameter (k) and associated confidence limits.
Its magnetic inclination tends approximately north to south, parallel to the East Pacific Rise ridge axis.