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an electromagnet (as on a tape recorder) that converts electrical variations into magnetic variations that can be stored on a surface and later retrieved

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Its magnetic head is actually flat and features a pair of LED lights.
The magnetic head is composed of an AlTiC hard and brittle ceramic substrate with several micrometer thick metal read and write pole tips (1.235 x 0.7 x 0.23 mm).
A magnetic head pulley is most effective when the percentage of ferrous in the feed material is no more than 30 percent or 35 percent ferrous.
Permanent and electromagnetic separation equipment includes magnetic head pulleys for use in conveyors; permanent and electro-suspended magnets for automatic removal of ferrous material; and permanent and electromagnetic drum separators.
A patent-pending sealed magnetic head assembly prevents spillage or moisture from entering the device through what's traditionally a highly vulnerable area.
This new product needed to be compliant with the Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) for Magnetic Strip Readers (MSR) and include Semtek's Triple-DES encryption algorithm built reside the magnetic head itself.
It has been a sad decline for Read-Rite, which was once the leader in magnetic head assemblies in disk drives.
The X-9 Magnetic Properties Analysis System was developed to support advancements in giant magneto-resistive and tunnel magneto-resistive magnetic head materials.
Bunting Magnetic Head Pulleys have a radial magnet configuration that eliminates "dead spots" and provides magnetic protection over the entire surface of the pulley.
OptiMag is a supplier of automated optical defect inspection and process control equipment for the data storage thin film magnetic head industry.
A continuous closed loop servo holds the magnetic head on the magnetic track to compensate for disturbances such as temperature variation.
Media such as floppy disks and tapes in VCRs are designed to be in sliding contact with the magnetic head. Rigid magnetic disks and high speed data tapes are designed to have surface velocities high enough to entrain air between the media and the magnetic head.
When not in use, the magnetic head can be used as a dust plug.
Rhyl were now back in the ascendency, and an out-swinging corner from Rowlands was met by Courtney's magnetic head, but Iwan Davies hacked it clear.
Bunting stainless steel magnetic head pulleys provide separation in many recycling applications.