magnetic flux

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a measure of the strength of a magnetic field over a given area

the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle

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To maximize the power generation efficiency of an energy harvesting device, the magnitude of the magnetic flux density emanating from the many magnets located within the device must be maximized relative to the location of the coil.
To find the relations between the dimensional initial and mass-dimensional parameters, we represent the maximum value of the magnetic flux density at a certain point of the winding as
However, the trapped field using PFM is much less than that achieved by the FCM and ZFCM techniques, particularly at lower operating temperatures, because of the large temperature rise, AT, associated with the rapid dynamic movement of magnetic flux within the material during the pulse.
Generally, the demagnetizing field for magnets is reduced by positioning the magnet deep inside the rotor, which helps to ensure a magnetic flux path on the q-axis and increases reluctance torque.
The magnetic flux required to bring a force of attraction between two steel plates is provided by the neodymium magnet.
Huang and Zhao introduce basic principles of magnetic flux leakage detection, its use to identify and quantify defects in products and components, and its implementation techniques.
In each jet, converse to the widely accepted emerging magnetic flux model, a miniature version of the filament eruptions that initiated coronal mass ejections drove the jet producing reconnection process.
Figure 9 presents the magnetic flux distribution for three-layer stacked conductor with and without FMs under the same-direction current ([up arrow][up arrow][up arrow]) of 200 A.
* Fast response to power-on and changes in magnetic flux density and feature a reverse blocking diode, Zener clamps on the supply and output, and output over-current limiting to provide device protection and high ESD immunity
He added that the storage process includes soaking more than 800 meters hydrocarbon slug and final Magnetic Flux Test.
The types of matrix material, concentration of magnetizable particles, and magnetic flux density can influence the modulus change of MRE [4, 5],
In the finite element modeling of magnetic problems, the magnetic flux density B is usually employed as the unknown quantity.
It reportedly boasts the highest safety yet by monitoring the magnetic flux pole by pole across the platen, rather than sampling only one or two reference poles per platen.