magnetic field strength

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the amount of magnetic flux in a unit area perpendicular to the direction of magnetic flow

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To determine magneto-rheological fluid's and Magnetic field Strength (H) a Femm 4.
The SAR is proportional to the square of the magnetic field strength ([B.
However, this paper reports only four cases with a particle concentration of 35 vol% and an applied magnetic field strength of H = 0.
7) magnetic field strength along flow path is constant.
Following the development and quantification of the automatic algorithms for T-wave end detection the spatial distribution of cardiac magnetic field strength during ventricular depolarisation (R-wave) and repolarisation (T-wave) was measured automatically in both normal and patient groups.
The size (spread) of the clusters scales as [square root of [lambda]] with the magnetic field strength [lambda] = B/[B.
These typical]y generate a magnetic field strength ranging up to 2000 gauss (0.
With a variety of options available in terms of magnetic field strength, additional features, and cost, purchasing hospitals have several choices in terms of which system they inevitably decide to buy, and market offerings are only growing.
The report segments the market of MRI equipments on three bases: Categories of MRI equipments according to their structure, categories of MRI equipment according to Magnetic Field Strength, and the major regional markets.
According to the research, in dozens of black holes surveyed, the magnetic field strength matched the force produced by the black holes' powerful gravitational pull.
Schuller sees the material as the foundation of hard drives that would apply small magnetic fields to write data, and then when not in use, would raise the requisite magnetic field strength to prevent accidental overwriting.
The information recorded varies according to the animal but it always consists of at least acceleration, magnetic field strength, pressure, and temperature.
Hydraulic cylinder of the damper is filled with magnetorheological fluid (MRF), which running characteristic is controlled by changing the fluid viscosity through the application of variable magnetic field strength.