magnetic field strength

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the amount of magnetic flux in a unit area perpendicular to the direction of magnetic flow

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If the cyclotron line is a result of circling protons then the magnetic field strength would be extremely high amongst the highest field strengths detected for neutron stars.
It has been observed that one drawback of magnetic actuation is the extreme dependence on size, due to magnetic field strength dropping off with distance.
Numerical model can be used to analyse various parameters like magnetic field strength, layered and single AMRs.
magnetic field strength for different materials and hardness
In [5] a broadband meter of the magnetic field strength is implemented.
Once the lava cools, the grains become records of the magnetic field strength at the time of the eruption.
The impressive piece of machinery, known as a 7T system due to its magnetic field strength, will be able to study a range of neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders, including dementia, schizophrenia and depression.
If the coil diameter is too small, it will provide precise measurements but will lack in-depth accuracy due to limitations posed by its reduced magnetic field strength.
The magnetic field strength for each system can be adjusted from either 0.
With a variety of options available in terms of magnetic field strength, additional features, and cost, purchasing hospitals have several choices in terms of which system they inevitably decide to buy, and market offerings are only growing.
Magnetic field strength is increasing around the broken bar in rotor and also in stator facing the broken bar.
The appeal will also contribute towards the replacement of a second MRI scanner, with a higher magnetic field strength and a wider tunnel - particularly for patients who are obese or suffer from claustrophobia.
Using spectra to measure sunspots' magnetic fields, his team found that the magnetic field strength in sunspots is waning.
From magneto-rheological fluids documentation that provides Yield Stress--Magnetic Field Strength dependencies, we can calculate yield stress values in accordance to calculated magnetic field strength.