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the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle

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In the first fractions of a second after the birth of our universe, not only elementary particles and radiation, but also magnetic fields were generated.
Also, the alignment of the magnetic field in the galaxy is essentially 5 billion years old.
In this paper, we present how to use and characterize the magnetic field of compound magnets using the Ferrocell, analyzing some aspects of the pattern formation and their relationship with some optical properties obtained from the presence of different distribution of the magnetic field, obtaining a map of the magnetic field.
In the systems of active screening of man-made magnetic field of industrial frequency [2-10] as the executive body they use special winding--active cables, the number of which is determined by the specifics of the problem being solved.
"Would it be possible to put solar-powered magnetic field-generating satellites in orbit around Earth to augment its magnetic field during solar storms?" Jay Boylan asked in an e-mail.
By watching the rocking motion of the two aurorae, scientists were able to determine that a large amount of saltwater exists beneath Ganymede's crust, affecting its magnetic field.
Committee to Assess the Current Status and Future Direction of High Magnetic Field Science in the United States
We will first review TO for static magnetic fields. Then we will summarize different methods for enhancing static magnetic fields by using TO, and finally propose a compact super-concentrator for the first time to create over a large free space a huge static magnetic field.
Affected by magnetic field M parallel to the sensitive axis of the sensor resistive elements get offset in electrical resistivity, depending on angle between current and magnetic field vectors.
Key words: Helmholtz coils, uniform magnetic field, COMSOL simulation, magnetic measurements
According to Vassilis Angelopoulos of the University of California, Los Angeles, Principal Investigator for NASA's THEMIS mission (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms), "The discovery overturns a long-standing belief about how and when most of the solar particles penetrate Earth's magnetic field, and could be used to predict when solar storms will be severe."
Key statement: A method for monitoring deformations in a tire of a vehicle wheel, the wheel including the tire and a rim, the method including: providing the wheel with at least two magnetic-field emitters mutually disposed so as to yield a composite magnetic field having one or more space portions where at least one component of the composite magnetic field is substantially null; disposing at least one main magnetic-field sensor substantially in one of the one or more space portions; monitoring variation of at least one component of the composite magnetic field; and correlating the variation with tire deformations.
Magnetic storage is based on the force F on a magnetic moment [mu] that is exerted in an inhomogeneous magnetic field with flux density B
Earth's magnetic field is generated in the planet's center, or core.
Using a new technique, researchers from Imperial College, London, and the Rutherford Appleton lab in the United Kingdom have created super-strong magnetic fields that are more intense than previous magnetic fields created on Earth and up to a billion times stronger than Earth's natural magnetic field.
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