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an imaginary line paralleling the equator where a magnetic needle has no dip


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It also demonstrates that, despite the differences in their size and structure, both Earth and Jupiter have a similar localised ribbon that winds its way around the magnetic equator of the planet.
One explanation for the dark ribbon is that because electrons preferentially travel along magnetic field lines, these photoelectrons are diverted to higher latitudes from the magnetic equator as they move to lower altitudes -- leaving behind the ribbon of reduced H3+ production.
In Figure 6 it can be seen that the peak of the meridional profile for April 21, 2018, at 00:00 UT falls nearly in the location of the magnetic equator. A similar situation, where the northern and southern crests faded away, happened during the 2015 St.
The planet's magnetic equator is located to the north of the planet's geographic equator, which suggests that south polar region is much more exposed than the north to bombardment by charged particles from the sun.
Thus, at the North magnetic pole, the strength of Earth's magnetic field is 0.6 Oe, at the South magnetic pole 0.7 Oe, at the magnetic equator 0.35 Oe.
The hydrogen radiation forms part of the Lyman-alpha bulge, a ring of ultraviolet light that girdles Jupiter's magnetic equator. First observed by a short-flight rocket 18 years ago and seen by the Voyager spacecraft a few months later, the ring has eluded explanation.
Thus the outer coronal "disk" extending from the magnetic equator lies close to the heliographic equatorial plane.
The earth's natural magnetic field is greatest at the magnetic poles (about .67 G) and has a value of zero at the magnetic equator.|1~
The data indicated that Mercury's magnetic equator is also well to the north of the planet's geographic equator.
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