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(computer science) a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored

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However, over-writing an existing page involves an expensive block erase operation which is typically not much faster than a write I/O for a magnetic disk. Databases that perform large amounts of update operations can therefore experience disappointing performance from flash SSD.
This is a one-pass function that provides full verification and unlike the erase pass on magnetic disks, the shred procedure on UDO media leaves no residual traces of previously written files.
The Tamar system, which inspects disk drive heads in a waffle pack, must automatically step through all the pockets on the waffle pack, capturing and finding each magnetic disk head in the image.
This article offers an overview of MO data storage technology [5] and looks ahead to emerging directions that will make aspects of MO technology more important in magnetic disk drives in the future.
Logica deployments outside Japan typically use a combination of magnetic disk and solid-state disk to achieve a doubling of SMSC performance.
Previous products were designed around older computing models, when physical memory (RAM) was expensive and rare, and the only option was to rely heavily upon magnetic disks.
IMNET's technology allows users to access information on several different mediums, from magnetic disk and online microfilm to paper and X-ray film.
Chief financial officers may be delighted to print data on paper, because they think paper storage of medical and administrative records is cheaper than electronic storage on magnetic disk drives, optical disk drives, or magnetic tape, but CFOs, who have never suffered through chart review, do not understand the hideous inefficiency of abstracting clinical data from paper records in order to perform clinical research, quality improvement, and utilization and risk management studies.
Any type of optical device or magnetic disk could be used if the proper internal controls were in place to prevent alteration of the document.
To a greater extent than other librarians, special librarians rely heavily upon various computer and electronic technologies, such as online/ telecommunications systems, artificial intelligence and expert systems, multimedia systems, desk-top publishing systems, national and international information networks, magnetic disk and tape, video disk and laser optical disk to capture, store, and deliver information.
32 Equipment components will probably include a central processing unit, printers, terminals (keyboards and display screens), magnetic disk drives, optical disk drives, and magnetic tape drives.
Images also can be stored on traditional magnetic disks. Some systems store images on magnetic disk when the image needs to be accessed frequently, then move them to optical disk for archiving.
Holographic storage systems have the advantage that they consume about one per cent of the power of equivalent magnetic disk storage and can operate without any special power conditioning or cooling--the servers holding 'cloud' data are now becoming so huge that they are being located close to hydroelectric installations to reduce the energy costs associated with cooling them.
milliseconds for data on magnetic disk. Automated tape storage subsystems represent an alternative to offline and online storage for high-capacity storage by providing much faster access to data than traditional offline shelf storage of tape.