magnetic dipole moment

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(physics) a current loop gives rise to a magnetic field characteristic of a magnetic dipole

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However, the second method may be used to measure the magnetic dipole moment without significant error only when the magnet is small and very strong.
Equating equations (16) and (21) at terminal speed of the magnet, by conservation of energy, gives the magnetic dipole moment in terms of the conductivity [sigma] and other quantities which can be measured directly.
While the major objective of the measurements is measuring magnetic dipole moment of a permanent magnet, the same data allow determination of the Earth's magnetic field.
where M is magnetization, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the magnetic dipole moment, v the velocity of the bunch of charges in the frame of observation, [gamma] = [(1 - [v.
However, various books and papers disagree with respect to transformation properties of magnetization and magnetic dipole moment.
Radiation pattern of point magnetic dipole moment in the magnetically anisotropic media
On the basis of the obtained results, we consider now radiation of point magnetic dipole moment.
The experiment to measure the neutron EDM is based on the magnetic resonance technique of rotating a magnetic dipole moment in a magnetic field.
Our goals are to find a suitable unambiguous definition for the magnetic dipole moment and to determine correctly the resulting magnetic field.
In Section 3, the distributions of free and magnetization currents resulting from this magnetic dipole are carefully considered and various possible definitions for the magnetic dipole moment are obtained.
As a demonstrative example one may consider a neutron coupling to a magnetic field H(R(t)) = -[mu] * B(R(t)) due to its magnetic dipole moment [mu] = [[mu].
However, also an electric current distribution may exhibit a magnetic dipole moment when defined through [12, Sect.
In the magnetostatic problem, the magnetic dipole moment of the ring is determined from the condition of zero magnetic induction through the wire, such that the magnetic field component normal to the surface vanishes on the ring (i.
Primarily, the electric and magnetic dipole moments are the basic foundations for making metamaterials.
On a mesoscopic scale, the interactions are summarized in the Hamiltonian that contains the internal energy of the lattice, electric and magnetic dipole moments, and the applied fields.