magnetic dipole moment

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(physics) a current loop gives rise to a magnetic field characteristic of a magnetic dipole

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This is the torque due to the interaction of the magnetic dipole moment produced by magnetorquers with the geomagnetic field vector.
This remarkable alteration of spectral properties of conical nanotubes with a variation of the aperture angle provides also a significant change of magnetic properties of the structure, particularly in the nonlinear dependence of the magnetic dipole moment of the ground state on the magnetic field.
Then, under the assumption indicated by experiments that magnets and magnetic material consist of magnetic dipoles, he writes an expression for the magnetic potential [[psi].sub.m] outside a point magnetic-charge dipole in terms of its magnetic dipole moment m [1, Arts.
Applied to the already known solar system bodies, the methods developed by Zuluaga and his team are able to predict the so-called magnetic dipole moment of bodies ranging from Ganymede to Jupiter to the right order of magnitude.
When the turn angle is [[theta].sub.tCP], the value of the horizontal field becomes approximately equal to the vertical field (as electric dipole moment x[eta] = magnetic dipole moment, where t] is the intrinsic impedance of the medium) and because the original source field responsible for radiation is electric and magnetic for dipole and loop antenna respectively, an almost pure CP is achieved.
Using (2) from the well-known solenoid equation and the relations derived in [12], where [N.sub.d] is the demagnetizing factor, a parametric analysis of the effect of core length and core radius on magnetic dipole moment, D, was used to determine the optimal length and radius of the core material, given the wire thickness and corresponding length to satisfy the power and dipole moment requirements.
As it has been intensively studied for the quasi-static resonance [8], the electric field component of the incident wave can excite circulating currents along SRRs which in turn give rise to a magnetic dipole moment perpendicular to the SRR plane, that is, along z according to our coordinates definition [1,3].
The second method may also be used as an independent alternative of measuring the magnetic dipole moment. In the second method the magnet is dropped into a vertical cylindrical aluminum tube.
MRI creates images using the principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, and it is possible in the scallop, because its soft-tissued body is filled with small biological "magnets," the most abundant and responsive of which is the proton, the nucleus of the hydrogen atom, and it possesses a nonzero angular momentum or nuclear spin, which creates a magnetic dipole moment along their rotational axis.
This is because typical small compasses have a very small magnetic dipole moment, and consequently their mutual magnetic interaction is much smaller than the Earth's ambient magnetic field.
where M is magnetization, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the magnetic dipole moment, v the velocity of the bunch of charges in the frame of observation, [gamma] = [(1 - [v.sup.2]/[c.sup.2]).sup.-1/2] the Lorentz factor, and V the volume of the bunch.
The experiment to measure the neutron EDM is based on the magnetic resonance technique of rotating a magnetic dipole moment in a magnetic field.
Here we will review this method, applying it to spin-independent interactions with both isospin-conserving and isospin-violating [35, 36] couplings, and to WIMPs with magnetic dipole moment. We will compare data from DAMA [2], CoGeNT [4], CRESST-II [6], CDMS-II-Si [7], CDMS-II-Ge low threshold analysis [13], CDMS-II-Ge annual modulation analysis [18], CDMSlite [14], XENON10 S2-only analysis [11], XENON100 [12], LUX [10], and SIMPLE [15], following the analysis described in [31-33].