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a dipole with opposing magnetic poles

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Secondly, we use the condition of equivalence of the magnetic fields of the circuit with the conduction current at large distances from it and a magnetic dipole in a homogeneous medium with absolute magnetic permeability [mu] [5].
Where b = 2/ [mu]S, is the height of the dipole source above the horizontal plate S, x is the horizontal projection distance between the field source and the receiving point, Z is the vertical projection distance between the point of receipt and the field source, M is the magnetic moment of the double magnetic dipole source, M=2m.
For our second field we consider a magnetic dipole which is centered above the circular membrane a distance [d.
This design gives the desired magnetic dipole or loop antenna radiation pattern as shown in Figure 8 and Figure 9.
2])]; M is the magnetic dipole moment; [omega] is the angle frequency and [mu] is the permittivity.
For the horizontally polarized omnidirectional radiation pattern, the magnetic dipole is an alternative solution.
The reported rms spectra are obtained from a coil with a magnetic dipole moment forming an angle of 60[degrees] with respect to the dewar vertical axis.
Applied to the already known solar system bodies, the methods developed by Zuluaga and his team are able to predict the so-called magnetic dipole moment of bodies ranging from Ganymede to Jupiter to the right order of magnitude.
0]h and magnetic dipole I0Sh, exactly as assumed in previous work [1,2].
To evaluate the rotation invariance of the descriptor PZMI, we calculate the PZMI vector of the magnetic field radiated by a magnetic dipole for several orientations.
The electromagnetic inverse method is applied to search for a magnetic dipole.
The data of electric quadrupole (E2) and magnetic dipole (M1) transitions among the levels of the ground configuration can be used for diagnostics of thermonuclear plasmas or for the estimation of the radiative losses in plasmas (Karwowski and Martin, 1991).
magnetic dipole A magnet, usually very small, with two opposite poles, usually called north and south.
Hints in time Reversing time (by switching the direction of a particle's spin) changes the direction of the magnetic dipole (blue) but not the electric dipole (green).