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a dipole with opposing magnetic poles

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The second method may also be used as an independent alternative of measuring the magnetic dipole moment.
MRI creates images using the principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, and it is possible in the scallop, because its soft-tissued body is filled with small biological "magnets," the most abundant and responsive of which is the proton, the nucleus of the hydrogen atom, and it possesses a nonzero angular momentum or nuclear spin, which creates a magnetic dipole moment along their rotational axis.
where M is the magnetic dipole moment/unit volume or magnetization.
The book begins with the basic knowledge of the theories of nuclei and angular momentum, develops through the standard description of the fine and magnetic hyperfine interactions, and their impact on the energy structure of the lanthanide ions, and includes advanced description of f to f electric and magnetic dipole transitions.
It is well known phenomenon that every electron in the atom constitute a magnetic dipole if pictured as a tiny spinning sphere of charge.
12 Radiation-Induced Intermolecular Energy Shifts Involving Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Polarizable Molecules.
We know, for example, that a magnetic dipole has a lower energy when it is oriented parallel to the geomagnetic field and it lines up with this particular direction-that is how a compass works," he explained.
The experiment to measure the neutron EDM is based on the magnetic resonance technique of rotating a magnetic dipole moment in a magnetic field.
The levitated dipole magnetic geometry is approximated by a simple magnetic dipole, and has closed field lines.
Announces Agilis A10346 Switchable Magnetic Dipole Antenna is capable of supporting Ten Wireless Protocols
By leveraging our patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole and active antenna technology, we have gained significant traction with major wireless device manufacturers on a global basis.
For the past 160 years, the Earth's magnetic dipole has been weakening at a rate of nearly six percent per century.
As a demonstrative example one may consider a neutron coupling to a magnetic field H(R(t)) = -[mu] * B(R(t)) due to its magnetic dipole moment [mu] = [[mu].
Ethertronics, the Ethertronics logo, shaping antenna technology, Isolated Magnetic Dipole and IMD are trademarks of Ethertronics.
Such vacuum state constitutes a magnetic dipole which interacts with another dipole to reduce the irregularity induced along their common axis of symmetry.