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(computer science) a tiny ferrite toroid formerly used in a random access memory to store one bit of data

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The active agents can be attached to the shell, adsorbed into the magnetic core, or even distributed between the two components of the core@shell structures.
By processing the results of numerical simulation, which changed the dimensions of the electrotechnical steel 2013 sample (3/20 mm, the thickness of the sheet is 0.35/1.0 mm), the material resistivity (0.14/0.50 [mu][OMEGA] x m) and the intensity of the magnetic field (0.7/2.0 T), the empirical dependence has been obtained which allows determining the equivalent resistivity of the magnetic core material, depending on the ratio of dimensions
In order to derive magnetic core losses [] the modified Steinmetz equation [13] for nonsinusoidal waveforms can be used
In the case of loss of superconductivity by additional screen, the magnetic flux extends along the area belonging to the window of the section of the magnetic core and forms the flux linkage, but this is not sufficient to provide a limiting short-circuit current.
The 11,000 gauss magnetic core pack ensures that almost 100% of the contamination is removed on first pass through the filter.
Also during this process, organic reagents can be added, which will form a shell around the magnetic core, an option to avoid any agglomeration of MNPs.
In the library you select a new model and a choice of MAGNETIC CORE. In the definition table, set the initial value of relative permeability.
As the number of flux lines approaches the magnetic material's limit, the heat in both the magnetic core and the internal coil wires increases, and under certain circumstances, unpredictably so.
Tenders invited for Pre-dispatch inspection, supply & warranty of amorphous magnetic core
1,a below), which have a common external magnetic core (stator) in a longitudinal package 1 of isolated plates electrical steel.
Numerous studies on the photocatalytic effect of core-shell structures based on titanium dioxide, silica layer, and magnetic core have been reported in the literature [16-22].
Its magnetic circuit is composed of the magnetomotive force [F.sub.m], electromagnet magnetic core with the magnetic resistance [] and gap with the magnetic resistance [R.sub.m0].
Wang et al., "Fabrication of magnetic core @Shell Fe oxide@Au nanoparticles for interfacial bioactivity and bio-separation," Langmuir, vol.
The magnetic core in these power supplies can be thought of as many small magnets randomly oriented in the material.