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compass based on an indicator (as a magnetic needle) that points to the magnetic north

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2016: Polarized light modulates light-dependent magnetic compass orientation in birds.
But the magnetic compass is a simple device, needing little maintenance while its limitations are well known.
Any changes in avionics (or even adding metallic objects to the glove box and around the panel) may affect the magnetic compass.
During the day, surveyors had to rely on calculations that determined how far the magnetic compass was "off.
5 metre-accurate GPS and a digital magnetic compass.
If the students cannot find the coexistence of the magnetic dipoles, the teacher can guide them in using the compass to examine the two poles of the magnet, based on the attraction and repulsion between the pieces of the magnet and the two poles of the magnetic compass needle.
Washington, June 25 ( ANI ): Researchers have claimed that monarch butterflies use a light-dependent, inclination magnetic compass to help them orient southward during migration.
A background buzz of electromagnetic waves from such ordinary sources as electronic equipment can interfere with a bird's magnetic compass, according to a particularly careful set of experiments.
John, from West Kirby, has published East A Half South, named after a magnetic compass course, after retiring three years ago.
In his paper 'A comparison of two simple magnetometers' which appeared in the 2012 August issue of the Journal, author Sam Dick gives the impression that a variometer is an instrument for recording changes in the direction of a magnetic compass needle.
If you need to set up or repaint your airfield's Compass Rose, then you also need to check out the compass calibration information found in Chapter 4 of TM 11-4920-292-15, Magnetic Compass Calibrator Set, AN/ASM-339(V)1.
Azimuth and Inertial Microelectro mechanical Systems (MEMS) - a handheld, highly accurate alternative to the Digital Magnetic Compass.
Other requirements include two internationally accredited lifebuoys attached with a 30-meter long rope fitted with a self-ignition lamp, magnetic compass readable at night, warning device, sea radar, Geographical Positioning System (GPS), Automatic Identification System (AIS), flashlights, two manual distress flares (Hand Flares), two smoke distress signals (Buoyant Smoke Signals), two parachute distress flares (Rocket Parachute Flares), first aid kit, water-resistant handheld flashlight, repair tools kit, pump to suck water accumulating inside the Water Taxi, ventilation means for indoor areas and an anchor attached to a rope long enough to fit the water depth in the operation area.
2004), three cryptochromes (eCRY1a, eCRY1b, eCRY2) were isolated from the retina of robins, which supports a potential role of cryptochromes of transducers for the perception of magnetic compass information in birds.