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compass based on an indicator (as a magnetic needle) that points to the magnetic north

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This latest version maintains all the features of its predecessor (cooled thermal imager, visible colour channel, laser pointer, laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass, GPS receiver, with digital zoom, stabilisation and photo and video recording functions), but adds infrared/visible spectrum fusion, while the laser pointer output has been increased to provide greater range.
To find the location of the magnetic compass, Mouritsen and colleagues caught 36 migratory European robins and made sure that the birds could all orient correctly under natural and induced magnetic fields.
Roughly 40 miles east of Asheville, N.C., I noticed that the magnetic compass was tilted down, so that the numbers and hash marks were obscured by the case below the window.
We put the 350 magnetic compasses densely one by one and line by line (as in crystal growth) onto a rectangular tray, obtaining the two-dimensional triangle lattice (Fig.
Pilots start their final descent to Kai Tak some 15 nautical miles to the west, flying a magnetic compass track of 88 degrees, and then make a right turn through 42 degrees, plus or minus drift, to line up with runway "One Three".
The magnetic compass, which made a voyage like Columbus's possible, naturally focused considerable attention on the phenomenon of magnetism.
For example, owners also know if a fuel gauge is sluggish or the magnetic compass is 20 degrees off and needs adjustment.
During their observations, ask students to use the other magnetic compass needle to test the two ends of the pieces of the broken compass needle.
The University of Oxford's Dr Robert Srygley, one of the world's leading insect experts, said that the new study "is a major advance toward finding the magnetic compass in this nomadic ant." (ANI)
The binnacle - the stand for the magnetic compass onboard a ship - together with the compass, is on display at the Old Library, in The Hayes, Cardiff, as part of the Centenary Exhibition, but the Royal Navy is threatening to move it to the new National Waterfront Museum in Swansea.
Magnetic compass navigation hasn't yet been shown in butterflies.
Eventually a magnetic needle was put on a card marked with various directions, and because the needle was free to move all around the card, it was referred to as a magnetic compass (from a French word meaning "to go around").
Washington, Dec 17 (ANI): Scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh have found that tiny crystals found inside bacteria provide a magnetic compass to help them navigate through sediment to find the best food.