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container consisting of any configuration of magnetic fields used to contain a plasma during controlled thermonuclear reactions

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One of them, David Louis, makes cutting-edge homewear (based on 3-D designs) including magnetic bottle openers and jigsaw-style metal coasters.
The collection includes an ice bucket and magnetic bottle opener.
Also on offer at the site is a magnetic bottle opener (pounds 19.95) which sticks to your fridge so you never need lose it again, and a can crusher (pounds 14.95) which reduces the size of your aluminium cans for recycling.
Researchers have found only one container that can confine a plasma--a magnetic bottle. Although the bottles can be made according to a variety of designs, one of the simplest is that of a doughnut produced by massive machines with the names tokamak and stellarator.
The Marshall Space Flight Center is conducting experiments leading to an antimatter trap, essentially a magnetic bottle that will contain the antiprotons in magnetic fields.
In 1966, he initiated the construction of a series of fusion experiments based on a new type of magnetic bottle using multipole magnetic fields to understand and reduce plasma turbulence.
Early plasma experiments, more often than not, ended with the plasma splattered against the walls of the containment vessels rather than confined within the magnetic bottle as intended.
John quickly' established himself as a pioneer in the use of numerical formulations of plasma dynamics and, using the best computers available at the time, he contributed numerical models to guide and explain the numerous types of fusion "magnetic bottles" that were built in the 1960s.