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Assuming that all particles have a same diameter, then under the effect of external magnetic field, the magnetic attraction force between ferromagnetic particles is [11]:
They set off on a dream roundthe-world trip on their 42ft yacht the Magnetic Attraction, leaving from Lowestoft last July, and were members of the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club.
Researchers in Cleveland have developed a system that can be much more accurate, thanks to the use of magnetic attraction.
O The Pratts, who began their trip in June, were on their boat, Magnetic Attraction, when the assailants attacked them and then fled, according to the police report.
Anyone who has known Abdulla Nass or even came near his circle of influence will remember him for the magnetic attraction he wielded.
Water is plentiful, particularly in the northern rainforests which seem to have a magnetic attraction to rain.
I stared amazed as I formed the balls into a long string and held one end in the air, the rest of the balls held in place by nothing but their magnetic attraction.
The magnetic attraction between the beads made it impossible to remove them piecemeal or en bloc per urethra.
The magnetic attraction of Shanks is evident in the audiences that come to see the show, " says St John.
He has been planning Spiker's demise for years, but he had not planned on the almost magnetic attraction he feels for the boss's daughter.
However, when the Magic Tray is put down the magnetic attraction is broken and the cups and dishes can easily be picked up.
Precision targeting to a select group of customer candidates is the secret of both financial/time efficiency and magnetic attraction.
New routes and additional frequencies are building on the magnetic attraction of Dubai's hub as a premier leisure and business destination and a convenient connecting point for global travellers," said CEO Paul Griffiths.
The European Union's financial crisis has caused it to lose some of the magnetic attraction it had for its European neighbours, the EU's foreign policy chief from 1999 to 2009, Javier Solana, has said.
Wade, all at sea on Week One, has shown glimpses of his class against Simon Whitlock and Gary Anderson but the swagger is not there and nor, crucially, is that trademark magnetic attraction to the double-top bed.