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Synonyms for magnetic

Synonyms for magnetic

having the properties of a magnet

capable of being magnetized


determined by earth's magnetic fields

possessing an extraordinary ability to attract


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1 Stages of magnetic refrigeration cycle (taken from Franco et al.
The goal of the work is the experimental study of the influence of the spatial arrangement of the magnetic field sensors on the efficiency of the closed system of the active screening of the magnetic field of power lines on the layout developed a three-phase single-circuit overhead transmission line, creating a rotating field with the most complex space-time structure.
The stress-strain curves for magnetic elastomers were obtained by a compression measurement at room temperature using a compression apparatus (EZ-SX, Shimadzu).
Magnetic fluid or magneto-fluid is a kind of colloidal solution with ultrafine ferromagnetic particles with grain diameter of 10 nm and interfacial agent dispersed steadily in liquid.
Among all these magnetic nanoparticles, magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticlesarethe most promising for magnetic hyperthermia because magnetite has all those characteristics which are required for biomedical applications such as biocompatibility, non-toxicity, superparamagnetism, water-dispersible, ability to leave reticuloendothelial system (RES) and easy preparation.
Because acceleration is the only intrinsically measurable quantity for a moving system [3], scholars around the world have been researching and studying magnetic fluid accelerometers for several decades.
SUNNY SIMULATION The new model of the corona, like most simulations of the sun, relies on the assumption that magnetic activity drives solar explosions.
While traditional magnets attract the iron-bearing portion, magnetic technology of different sorts address the nonferrous metals stream at shredder plants.
Magnetic storage has recently been proven to be a viable alternative [2].
The superparamagnetic effect on current magnetic recording technologies will make that growth impossible within one to two years.
Ferromagnetic particles have a very high magnetic susceptibility and are strongly induced by a magnetic field.
Earth's magnetic field is generated in the planet's center, or core.
Intelligent Magnetic Clamping (IMAG) is a new system for monitoring the holding force of magnetic platens.
The "KU Card," as it was dubbed, was embedded with a microchip as well as the traditional magnetic stripe, and it offered functionality far superior to anything school administrators had seen before.
MINATO'S MAGNETIC MOTOR IS quite different from the four fundamental types of motors manufactured today.