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a white solid mineral that occurs naturally as periclase

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2+] suggests that the precipitation of magnesian calcite, hydromagnesite, nesquehonite, or sepiolite is almost negligible in the soils under study.
It is suggested that inclusion-rich spar records the former presence of a prolific microbial binder of unknown affinities, which induced precipitation of magnesian calcite that was later either neomorphosed to inclusion-rich calcite (c.
Kimberlite is a host rock to diamonds, but not a source rock: Kimberlite indicator minerals consist of pyrope and eclogitic garnets, magnesian ilmenite, chromite, chorine diopside, forsteritic olivine and diamond and the presence of these minerals is used to determine the proximity of diamond-bearing kimberlites.
2) was in the sequence: kieserite granules (1-3 mm) [is greater than] calcined magnesite powder ([is less than] 1 mm) [is greater than] calcined magnesite granules (1-3 mm) [is greater than] magnesian limestone (65% [is less than] 1.
The area of interest contains chrome rich magnesian pyrope garnets of mantle origin, one of which is a G-10 garnet indicating a high potential for a diamondiferous kimberlite.
Whereas the continental massifs are old (billions of years, on average), thick, and composed of silica-rich rocks such as granites and andesite, the oceanic crust is young, thin, and composed of silica-poor magnesian lavas such as basalt.
They are being treated with heavy liquids, by magnetic and paramagnetic separation, and will be studied for the presence of KIM's: pyrope garnet, picroilmenite, chrome spinel, chrome-diopside and magnesian olivine.
To the north of the lighthouse is The Leas, a two-and-a-half mile stretch of magnesian limestone cliffs, wave-cut foreshore and coastal grassland.
2011 Some specific features of interaction of magnesian clay with calcium hydroxide when new materials are synthesized and a microstructure is formed.
Durham Wildlife Trust has taken over responsibility of Cross Gill grasslands on the Durham coast, which houses nine hectares of rich magnesian limestone.
It occurs as the result of low temperature solutions precipitating gold, silver and sulphide minerals in limey, magnesian and carbonaceous sediments, which have first been made porous by acid solutions emanating from nearly intrusions and fragmentation from fault activity.
Chl is always more magnesian than Pmp), there appear to be two populations of Chl-Pmp pairs based on the slope of the joins: (1) samples 1,5 and 17 show shallower slopes on the projection (i.
1978, Aleutian magnesian andesites: melts from subducted Pacific Ocean crust: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research v.
It's made up of three sections of Magnesian Limestone grassland, cliffs, denes and stacks.
It suggests that carbonate sediments might have undergone early diagenetic stabilization to low magnesian calcite before dolomitization.