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the position of magistrate

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Talking to Dawn, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Law Barrister Zafarullah Khan said although the executive magistracy had been partly restored with the passage of time, it had not been fully restored.
This training session was held as part of partnership between the Higher Institute of Magistracy and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
317/2004 on the Superior Council of Magistracy made a number of substantial changes regarding disciplinary responsibility of magistrates through strengthening the Judicial Inspection and establishing the role of the President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, of the Attorney General of the Prosecutor's Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice and of the Minister of Justice as holders of disciplinary action (Radu, Voicu, 2014a: 124-125).
Joseph's University and ENAM--Cameroon's National School of Administration and Magistracy.
The current effort for the revival of executive magistracy is an attempt to approve the thesis given above, through measures opposite to the principles of good governance.
More than 90% of all criminal cases in England and Wales are dealt with by magistrates, the think-tank said, although applications to join the magistracy have dramatically decreased in recent years.
Berman concentrates on the large body of English Freemasons, examining Laurence Dermott and the Ancient Grand Lodge, Ancient Freemasonry and the London Irish, the Ancients' General Register, London's magistracy and the London Irish, the decline of the English Grand Lodge from 1740 to 1751, Masonic misrule, the King's Arms Lodge, and the Anglo-Irish in ascendancy and alienation.
The Superior Council of Magistracy in Romania has given green light to slashing special pensions for magistrates who have been convicted for corruption in its latest plenary session.
A third royal order appointed Sheikh Salman bin Mohammed bin Mohammed bin Nashwan as secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Magistracy with the rank of chief of the Court of Appeals.
He condemned the re-introduction of magistracy system and said that again Deputy Commissioner is source of all out administrative powers while local bodies system, developed by NRB devolves powers to union council level.
The magistracy is open to people from all backgrounds and aims to be representative of all our communities.
He called for pulling aside political appointments, refusing that political party appoints the chairman of the High Council of Magistracy.
In a televised address from his Cotroceni residence, Basescu lauded the work of the Emil Boc cabinet and various government agencies, as well as prosecutors, while slamming parliament, the high court of cassation and justice, as well as the superior council of the magistracy.
Year Six pupils at New York Primary and St Bernadette's Primary spent yesterday at Wallsend Town Hall re-enacting a series of trials from history to mark 650 years of the magistracy system in England and Wales.
Step by step, the royal government integrated Franche-Comte into the kingdom, especially by forcing its institutions, such as the Parlement and the Magistracy of Besancon, to conform, with more or less use of threats and rewards.