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the position of magistrate

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The three rectors coordinated their activities with each other and with the executive magistracies to ensure that justice was administered efficiently and equitably.
Beyond such administrative distinctions, these two magistracies in the center had very different approaches to peripheral localities that suggested, if not different purposes, at least a different strategic accommodation of local mentality.
In the mid-fifteenth century, eligibility for urban and rural magistracies was limited to cittadini benemeriti, or to citizens who were at least thirty years old, had paid their urban tax assessments since 1438, and had maintained a domicile in Brescia for a minimum of twenty-five years.
Taiwan's pro-independence opposition has received a boost in local elections, holding on to all three of its magistracies and winning back one from the ruling party.
He covers the establishment of Aragonese rule, the polycentric system of cities from the time of Martin I to Alphonso V, urban magistracies in the Alphonsian period, financial and fiscal policy during the reign of Alphonso V, and socio-professional groups and electoral competition from the time of Martin I to Alphonso V.
Especially in the years following the Ciompi uprising of 1378, different magistracies were devised to monitor exiles and cope with the problems they presented.
While the Roman system of government recognized the need for checks and balances and for separating the powers of the state among various offices and magistracies, the Roman state did not enjoy the neat modern divisions of executive, legislative, and judicial power.
The main Athenian institutions, apart from the assembly, were the Council of 500 and the magistracies - equivalent, between them, to our civil service - and the law courts.