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Synonyms for magisterially

in an overbearingly domineering manner

in an authoritative and magisterial manner

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Benedict magisterially realized this desire with his 2009 encyclical Caritas in Veritate, which is officially subtitled (in English translations) "On Integral Human Development in Charity and Truth.
Marouane Fellaini chested the ball down magisterially on the halfway line and passed to a darting Leighton Baines.
Oliver Cromwell, rebelling against the way Van Dyck idealised Charles I by planting him astride a huge stallion whose flowing black mane echoed the king's own lush tresses, and in a painting so tall that the monarch looms down magisterially on the viewer, told artist Samuel Cooper to make sure that he captured him "warts and all".
23) In this respect Ghismonda, though magisterially eloquent, is no better an advocate for herself and Guiscardo than a character whose speech is not recorded in her tale, like Lisabetta (4.
Anselm's argument has fired up Gaunilo's critical engine, but he lacks the sophistication to express his objection magisterially.
Bishop Butler believed that all are naturally endowed with a conscience, a faculty that "pronounces determinately some actions to be in themselves evil, wrong, unjust, [that] without being consulted, without being advised with, magisterially exerts itself (1950/1726: Sermon II).
January 28, 2011) In fact, all evidence available from non-UN sources supports the conclusions of HRW, including a magisterially authoritative report issued by former members of the UN Panel of Experts on Darfur, which found inter alia that violence against Zaghawa tribal people was so great as to be considered "ethnic cleansing.
As Vasquez argues in a dazzling essay of his El arte de la distorsion (y otros ensayos) (2009), a chapter in Faciolince's novel Asuntos de un hidalgo disoluto shows magisterially how obsolete and easy it is to manipulate the political discourse of the left and the right, and that its portrayal of Colombian politics is "more accurate than that of the committed and outraged 'novel of violence.
Charismatic Thom Yorke is the centre of gravity as he flounces at the mic with maracas in a head-shaking trance dance or presides magisterially at the piano.
The natural sciences are characterized by the combination of careful empirical investigation with the application of mathematics (one of reason's most powerful tools), which can yield formulas that correspond to causal relations in the world, as demonstrated magisterially in Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematical (p.
Even for the most magisterially compliant neoconservatives in the Catholic universe, magisterial authority runs off the tracks--a point most notably made about the recent document by George Weigel, perhaps neoconservatism's highest-profile spokesman at the moment--when it begins to delve into money and power (see accompanying story on Page 9).
Nelsons' CBSO delivered Verdi's perfect score magically, led so magisterially unobtrusively by Laurence Jackson.
He then overviews magisterially the tremendous range of consumer organisations and consumer politics emerging from the Progressive era through to the New Deal.
Halkin's imperial intellect has for decades ranged magisterially over literature, history, and politics.