magical power

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an ability to perform magic

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With a bit of luck, together with the magical powers of the Slave of the Ring and the Genie of the Lamp, Good finally triumphs over Evil and all ends happily.
Similarly, they knew that assault and battery need not involve some sort of magical power to cause harm and accused some of their neighbors for the physical act alone, yet accused other batterers of witchcraft.
This section includes a fine discussion of a Virgilian storm which royal power cannot control, a wedding masque which revises the union of Aeneas and Dido, and the replacement of magical power with Prospero's forgiveness of his enemies.
This word, which I had used until then without any awareness of its real meaning but simply as an interjection was related to hereux and the magical power of this relation suddenly inserted into a whole sequence of precise meanings.
It was reputed to possess magical power to move to ardent love.
Cat Nights is a children's picturebook about Felicity Witch, whose 263rd birthday has given her the magical power to turn into a cat.
Many performers have the talent to master their instrument and to play it well--but very few carry with them the magical power of charisma alongside that talent.
Now, as our century comes to an end, such a passionate belief in art's magical power to save souls and to open transcendental vistas may seem as remote as the Middle Ages.
The latter part contains the strange myth of how Odin acquired the magical power of the runes (alphabetical characters) by hanging himself from a tree and suffering hunger and thirst for nine nights.
If I had the magical power to make people gay, I wouldn't be teaching at a university," he said.
In her role as the wife of Osiris, she discovered and reunited the pieces of her dead husband's body and through her magical power brought him back to life.
Leslie Townes Hope - who changed his name to Bob because it sounded a little chummier - had the magical power to transport lonely people home.
Mauss provides her with a jumping-off point for constructing tables that measure the flow of magical power into and from people and objects according to "a discernible logic of magical thought and behavior" (p.