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More than four in 10 Irish adults are convinced they have met someone who possesses magical powers, while 5% said they had thought about or had tried to put a love spell on someone.
Pl do not compare with Hollywood superhero movies with magical powers."
This half-bat, half-lizard creature has an odd (and oddly useful) magical power: he can recreate any scent he has ever experienced.
The wizard Saruman is seduced by the magical power of the ring because it promises to deliver him from the limits of his creatureliness.
Similarly, they knew that assault and battery need not involve some sort of magical power to cause harm and accused some of their neighbors for the physical act alone, yet accused other batterers of witchcraft.
This section includes a fine discussion of a Virgilian storm which royal power cannot control, a wedding masque which revises the union of Aeneas and Dido, and the replacement of magical power with Prospero's forgiveness of his enemies.
This word, which I had used until then without any awareness of its real meaning but simply as an interjection was related to hereux and the magical power of this relation suddenly inserted into a whole sequence of precise meanings."
In his first commercially published volume of poetry, Afvaart (1931; "Departure"), Achterberg introduced a theme that permeates his oeuvre: the magical power of language, notably his belief that poetry could revitalize the beloved.
It was reputed to possess magical power to move to ardent love.
When police arrested him, the man had in his possession a ring, a black gemstone which he claimed had magical power and a hand-written paper that had a list of magic ingredients.
The scientist was fascinated with the magical power of erasing caoutchouc has, which outdoes the capability of pieces of bread Europeans used for the same purpose.
Many performers have the talent to master their instrument and to play it well--but very few carry with them the magical power of charisma alongside that talent.
Her mother also lives with magical power, but has long since learned to repress it.
This gave the well magical power: if you asked it a question and dropped a stone in it at night, it would reply the following morning by ringing once for yes and twice for no.
Sorcerer Abanazer sets out to steal the magic lamp from its rightful owner, Aladdin, and use the magical power of the Genie for his own evil ends.