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Adelaide claims she sparked her hubby's loss of form with a black magic spell and made him impotent for good measure.
The children enjoyed hearing the legend of Taliesin, and we were inspired to write poems on theme of 'Ceridwen's Recipe' - listing all the horrible and lovely things she could have dropped in the cauldron to make her magic spell.
The finale saw the magic spell broken, Aladdin got his Princess and the Genie was released from life in a lamp.
We are all living under a magic spell, and I am not sure that we will all be happy to waken up to reality, when we are kissed.
Children used to yell, So I'd point my wizard beard at them, And cast a magic spell.
Academics from across the world have recorded audio of Babylonian epics, poems, and even a magic spell to the internet in an effort to help scholars and laymen understand what the language of the ancient Near East sounded like
4&5 Magic makeovers Colin and Justin cast a magic spell over a cluttered bedroom,turning a dark nightmare space into a dreamy place to sleep.
PRINCE Tony Wright claimed he was under some kind of magic spell when he went berserk and killed his wife with an axe, before attacking five neighbours, including two children.
AoDepending on the complaint of the patient, and after understanding the intensity or the effect of the black magic spell on the individual, I make the amulet.
Judging from the facts of the case, Bernstein is a superstitious person in essence as he has associated the coconut water from Thailand with the black magic spell cast on him.
FARLOE MERLIN produced his own magic spell to conjure up an amazing win in the opening round of the Caffreys Puppy Classic at Nottingham last night.
Panesar started his magic spell when he removed opener Neil McKenzie.
HARRY Potter has cast a magic spell over millions of readers.
A: It's a kind of magic spell to keep away the evils of the wrong relationship.
The novelistic version has it killed off in 1961 by a magic spell placed on it by Jane Bowles' Moroccan lover, Cherifa.