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a literary or artistic genre in which realistic narrative or meticulously realistic painting are combined with surreal elements of fantasy or dreams

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Couto's accomplished novels blend the Latin American tradition of magic realism with postcolonial history in a distinctly African setting.
Where made up stories of the fiction and the real life scientific proofs of the memoirs might fail, magic realism may play its part to assert what ecofeminism struggles to do.
Frederick Jameson in "On Magic Realism in Film" states that magical realism embodies "not a realism to be transfigured by the supplement of a magical perspective but a Rebecca musters her psychic powers.
Magic realism as such doesn't have only one location--Latin America; it is, rather, a crosscultural narrative strategy and can be seen in works as diverse as Swift's Gulliver's Travels and Kafka's The Metamorphosis, or Frida Kahlo's paintings.
Garcia Marquez's magic realism took the world by storm, and the world was ready for it.
Marquez, who was called affectionately as 'Gabo' was an exponent of magic realism in his works that intertwined elements of reality and magic.
However, Skrodzka classifies magic realism as a "relatively recent tradition" (xi).
Among the topics are Melville's marvels of reality, a comparative reflection on magic realism in native and white Canadian prose, magic realist and utopian discourses in Margaret Sweatmans' When Alice Lay Down with Peter, a Jewish shtetl revisited in Lilian Nattel's The River Midnight, and the subversion of rationalism through feminine excess in Susan Swan's The Biggest Modern Woman of the World and Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus.
This inexplicable touch of magic realism is a recurring motif throughout the play, and, as, Gabriel says, "the past is a mystery, but perhaps it will be easier to explain than the fish".
Alistair McDowall said: "Brilliant Adventures is sort of a black comedy with a touch of science-fiction and magic realism.
The result of this cinematic hybridization is an open-ended narrative infused with the dreamlike texture of magic realism and the thought-provoking sociology of neorealism.
Unlike A Waltz for Matilda and A Rose for the Anzac Boys, this novel has a strand of magic realism subtly woven into the realistic main narrative.
The novel on which the film is based came out in 1980, is touted to be one of the best works of magic realism in India's post-colonial era.
However, Zamora and Faris acknowledge the ambiguity at the heart of magical realism when they argue that on one hand, it positively "creates space for interactions of diversity" (1995: 3), while on the other hand, the text, magic realism creates "opposition between magic and reality that exists within those texts" (p.
4] A[cedilla] Magic realism with footnotes: novelist Nasrallah creates a genre of his own The 600-page Time of White Horses, published in Arabic in 2007 after a 20-year gestation period.