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the atomic number of an extra stable strongly bound atomic nucleus: 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82 or 126

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Hitoshi Taneda ignited the offense with a two-run double in the second inning and Daisuke Miura (9-8) pitched eight strong innings as Yokohama handed Chunichi its fifth loss in six games, giving the idle Tigers the magic number of 13.
Five is a magic number in this context because entanglement of that many or more photons or other particles would enable a future quantum computer to find and eliminate random errors in its data, Pan says.
Also a magic number criminal points system, say 500 points and it's goodbye via a police bullet to the rear of the skull.
The Oakland Athletics' magic number is two for clinching the American League West.
Five is the GRAMMY(R) magic number leading up to the December 8th official announcement, in all 107 categories, that serves up excitement for the music industry's biggest night of the year slated for February.
Granted, the Clippers' magic number to reach the postseason stood at one with eight games remaining in the season, meaning only a colossal fall would deny them their first playoff appearance in eight years.
I hold the view that all crime should eventually lead to execution via a magic number points system.
When it comes to cystic fibrosis (CF), three seems to the magic number.
President of Florida eCommercials(TM), Gary Rohland, explains: "A tremendous advantage of this service is that here is no need to wait for broadband penetration to increase to some magic number for our eCommercials to be utilized.
It's not at all clear to me why seven days became a magic number," says Alfred Sommer, an ophthalmologist at the Wilmer Institute of Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.
The Clippers' magic number fell to two, when coupling their win with New Orleans' loss on Tuesday night.
The magic number series stops at 23, he believes, because there are only three paddles in the molecule.
Then she blasted off to Planet Showbiz with: "Four is our magic number as there's four of us in the band - so hopefully that will bring us luck.
5 million years ago is something of a magic number because that is about the time when the northern ice sheets began to grow with increasing vigor.
It generally doesn't happen for the first three years, and banks typically aren't profitable until they reach that magic number.